Bizibuz feature - Create your own custom courses with multiple-day classes

As parents, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting activities to keep our children engaged and entertained. We understand that sometimes we need the flexibility to choose classes that best suit our children's interests and schedules. Alternatively, we may want to book children's activities over an extended period. At last, Bizibuz provides a booking feature that allows users to book multi-day classes with ease. 

Just pick all the days you want and add to your basket! Say goodbye to scheduling stress and hello to flexibility!


  1. Search and click the activity that fits your child
  2. Select the location and time
  3. Select multiple dates that fit your schedule and checkout
  4. On the “Basket”, multiple classes were added
  5. Click “Proceed to book”

Bizibuz will send you the confirmation details to finalize the booking. 

Book courses with multiple-day classes function now on Bizibuz