Partner posts

Communication skills and leadership skills are crucial to excel in exams and build future success for children. Bizibuz hosted a webinar on building strong communication and leadership skills. Watch it and equip ourselves with the tools to support our child's learning journey.

More parents would like to move their children from the local school stream or from Mainland China into the international school stream in HK. Julianna, from Ampla Education provided valuable insights to ensure a successful transition to the international school stream for you and your child in this webinar.

Many parents think it is not necessary to take interest classes or other extracurricular activities if their children study hard enough, with an outstanding academic achievement. But have you ever thought that cultivating children to sustain a good hobby will bring unexpected benefits to them? Learn more about why should your child learn to sing?

Our inaugural Family Fun Day event brought out over 400 people to the Kids Gallery campus at Kowloon Tong on Sunday 29 May to inspire children to play and learn. Learn more about the event here.

Did you know that not all phonics programmes are effective? Literacy specialist of Beverly Sace of Books and Brains Literacy Services debunks the common myths in phonics learning by children in this blog post.