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The SAR Philharmonic 21st Classic for Kids concerts were a resounding success! This remarkable annual musical event is designed to introduce young audiences to the world of the orchestra, dance, drama and vocals. Featuring the highly regarded SAR Philharmonic, the concerts aim to fund music scholarships for underprivileged children and ignite all children’s passion for the joy of music and performing arts.

Bizibuz recently hosted a webinar on building strong communication and leadership skills (24 Aug, 2023). In this webinar recap, our expert panelist, Vannessa Misso-Veness, shares valuable insights on how to encourage kids to develop critical thinking, resourcefulness, self organization, improved communication skills and other important qualities of leadership. 

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Bizibuz hosted a webinar on how to successfully transition to international school with  Ampla Education on 17th March, 2023. 

Many parents think it is not necessary to take interest classes or other extracurricular activities if their children study hard enough, with an outstanding academic achievement. But have you ever thought that cultivating children to sustain a good hobby will bring unexpected benefits to them? Especially singing! Singing has the following benefits for the overall development and growth of children:

Our inaugural Family Fun Day event brought out over 400 people to the Kids Gallery campus at Kowloon Tong on Sunday 29 May to inspire children to play and learn.

It is reassuring that many parents now recognise the importance of phonics as a foundation for reading and writing. Rather than expecting children to visually remember words, they are now being trained in matching letter and sound correspondences, words to read and spell. Phonics comes from the Greek word phone, which means sound. Research has shown that we store words in our long-term memory when sounded out.