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Join us on a journey to discover a wide range of kids' after-school activities in Tuen Mun. Our blog explores these enriching programs, helping your child explore their passions and talents in Tuen Mun.

Solid study habits are key to a child’s academic performance and future life success. In our fast-paced world, where students often grapple with coursework challenges, nurturing productive study habits is becoming increasingly vital. In this article, we delve into why it’s important for parents to help children cultivate effective study habits and offer six actionable tips to guide you in your efforts.

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Discover six practical tips to boost your kids' creativity and inspire their imagination through engaging activities at home. Ignite their creative spark with these fun ideas and foster a love for imaginative expression. Enhance their development and creativity while having a blast together.

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Given that it is made up of a very small area that extends from Fortress Hill through North Point and Quarry Bay out to Siu Sai Wan and is encircled by mountains, the Eastern District has been likened as a sea snake writhing along the shores of Victoria Harbour. It is the second most populous district with 600,000 people living in under 19 square kilometers. According to archaeological findings from the Song Dynasty (AD 960–1279), the area began as a collection of fishing towns, subsequently transformed into quarries and dockyards, and is now a tangle of largely residential high rises.

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Many Chinese mainland parents send their children to Hong Kong to seek for supplementary education. Hong Kong as an international educational hub is closed to China. With an international environment and global institutions offering courses in HK. It is the best stepping stone for Chinese mainland parents to seek for educational support.

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