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Solid study habits are key to a child’s academic performance and future life success. In our fast-paced world, where students often grapple with coursework challenges, nurturing productive study habits is becoming increasingly vital. In this article, we delve into why it’s important for parents to help children cultivate effective study habits and offer six actionable tips to guide you in your efforts.

Communication skills and leadership skills are crucial to excel in exams and build future success for children. Bizibuz hosted a webinar on building strong communication and leadership skills. Watch it and equip ourselves with the tools to support our child's learning journey.

Movies are a great way to relax and keep the kids entertained during a long Summer holiday. Some movies can even teach your kids life lessons about grit & determination, respect, and compassion. Read our top movie picks to teach your kids life lessons.

Discover six practical tips to boost your kids' creativity and inspire their imagination through engaging activities at home. Ignite their creative spark with these fun ideas and foster a love for imaginative expression. Enhance their development and creativity while having a blast together.

Our expert panelist, Joanna Hotung, shared valuable insights on how to help your children enhance their presentation skills in this webinar. Discover practical strategies and tips to incorporate improving presentation skills into your daily routine at home.

Memorizing skills play a crucial role in a child's academic performance and overall cognitive development. Learn how to support and enhance our children's memory abilities, equipping them with valuable tools for success in school and beyond.

As parents, do you have doubts about the extent your child's after-school activities are helping to reach their goals? It may be difficult to get detailed feedback from your child but there are steps you can take to evaluate the effectiveness of supplementary activities. Read this blog post and learn more.

More parents would like to move their children from the local school stream or from Mainland China into the international school stream in HK. Julianna, from Ampla Education provided valuable insights to ensure a successful transition to the international school stream for you and your child in this webinar.

More Hong Kong parents are sending their children to overseas boarding schools. It is not only because of them hoping their children accessing higher quality academic environments, but also honing their social skills and more. Read the benefits of sending their children to overseas boarding schools and decide if boarding schools are the options for your children.

There is a huge range of education center out there and sometimes it’s difficult to select the high quality one. Read this post and learn the tips on gauging the quality of the education center.