Best FREE TRIAL CLASSES for kids in Hong Kong [ Last updated on 20 Feb, 2024]

Parents, are you having trouble finding the right extracurricular activities for your kids? We understand that choosing a course for your child, without knowing if they will enjoy it, get along with the teacher, or if the school is well-run, can be a challenge. To avoid committing to expensive courses upfront, consider starting with a trial class.

Bizibuz offers a trial class feature for kids' activities that allows you to fully assess if the program is suitable for your child. You can easily search for free trial classes in various children's activities using our practical and user-friendly activity filter. Discover numerous extracurricular activities that your kids will enjoy with ease.

To book free kids’ activities, simply:

  1. Go to our course search engine
  2. On “Price per class” selection, input “0” for both maximum and minimum cost
  3. Click "Apply filter"
  4. Select the FREE TRIAL CLASSES that suit your child
  5. Click “Proceed to book” to send your enrolment request

Bizibuz will send you the confirmation details to finalize the booking! 

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We have handpicked some of the best free trial classes across Hong Kong. Let your child try something new and exciting today! Read below to get started.


Newly Added FREE Trial Classes on Bizibuz in January

brazil international soccer camps for kids

Free Brazillian Football Classes | Brazil International Soccer School | 18 months to 14 Years Old | Sai Ying Pun, Wan Chai, Quarry Bay, The Peak

Established in 2013, Brazil International Soccer School offers top-level coaching in a fun, safe environment for all age groups in Hong Kong. Their fresh and innovative program provides young children unique opportunities to experience the joy of sports, promoting a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Their training sessions emphasize ball control and body awareness, preparing young players for various scenarios. Join their exciting sports journey. The class will be taught in English. 

>> Book Free football Classes by Brazil International Soccer School here


Dream Sports Basketball Training

Variety of Free Ball Sports – Badminton, Basketbal, Football & Volleyball | Dream Sports Academy | 5-17 Years Old | Wan Chai, Southern, New Territories

Dream Sport Academy (DSA), founded in 2018, is a collective of former professional sports players who have united for a noble cause - giving back to the community by sharing the skills they've acquired throughout their careers. DSA has rapidly emerged as one of Hong Kong's fastest-growing sports academies.

They provide training in badminton, basketball, football, and volleyball, catering to a wide age range while tailoring their programs to individual skill levels and requirements. Their football classes are co-organized with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, and instruction is offered in both English and Cantonese.

>> Book Free Volleyball Classes at Dream Sports Academy here 

>> Book Free Basketball Classes at Dream Sports Academy here 

>> Book Free Football Classes at Dream Sports Academy here ( co-organizd with the Paris-Saint Germain Academy)

>> Book Free Badminton Classes at Dream Sports Academy here 


IMD Jazz Funk Dance Experience Kids

Free Modern Dance Classes (K-pop/ Hiphop / Jazz Funk Dances) | In Motion Dance Concept | 3-15 Years Old | Sha Tin

In Motion Dance Concept Limited (IMD) was established in 2015 and operates as a dance team under the guidance of Det Dik Dance Troupe School. The school's principal and founder, Miss ZIP, holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and boasts over 12 years of professional experience in teaching children's dance.

The instructor team at IMD brings years of expertise in teaching dance to children and excels in street dance instruction for kids aged 3-12. They offer a diverse range of classes, including K-pop dance, Hip-Hop, and Jazz Funk. Children get opportunities to participate in various activities such as large-scale dance performances, competitions, dance shoots, and more. Instruction in classes is conducted in Cantonese.

>> Book Free Basic Dance Classes Suitable for age 3-6 here 

>> Book Free KPop Classes Suitable for age 8-15 here

>> Book Free Jazz Funk Classes Suitable for age 5-12 here

>> Book Hip Hop and Popping class Suitable for age 5-15 here 


Handpicked Free Trial Classes on Bizibuz Platform

Chinese Martial Arts Free Trial Classes

Chinese martial arts free trial classes

Hong Kong Sky Martial Arts Academy | Mon-Sun | 6-18 years | Wan Chai, Sham Shui Po

Wushu, based on the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts, has evolved into today's sports competition. The competition routines include swords, guns, swords and sticks, which are common in Chinese Kung Fu, as well as Changquan, Nanquan and Taijiquan. The youth martial arts class extends from basic skills training to physical fitness, difficult movements, boxing, and even weapon routines to improve body flexibility and muscle endurance. After attaining a certain level of skill and experience, students can participate in examinations run by the youth and children's martial arts age group and chapter plan, as well as the major martial arts championships in Hong Kong.

>> Book Chinese Martial Arts Class from Hong Kong Sky Martial Arts Academy here.


Mindful Wing Chun Free Trial Class

Mindful Wing Chun | Martial Arts | 3-12yrs | Central

Mindful Wing Chun Kids Kung Fu classes are designed to promote discipline, correct posture, coordination, balance, fun, confidence, and self defense. Catering to all kids from 3yrs old to teenagers, Mindful Wing Chun focuses not only on physical movements of Wing Chun, but also nurtures and tends to the emotional and psychological needs of every student too. The mantra before each class is as follows -  I behave respectfully – I communicate with compassion – I am persistent – I have the power to focus my mind – I develop my self-awareness – I act with integrity. Although the school derives from the lineage of the famous Grandmaster Ip Man, Mindful Wing Chun’s training and teaching methods are quite different from those of other schools. The centre teaches in various locations all over Hong Kong including international schools and clubhouses. Courses are taught in English.

>> Book a free trial class from Mindful Wing Chun: 3-6 years, 6-9 years and 9-12 years


Free Children's Music Classes


Free Trial ABRSM Grade 5 Theory | KIDSTHEORY | 8 - 17 Years | Online

KIDSTHEORY is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive music theory lessons for children. Through real-time Zoom sessions, students can access music theory courses at various levels. Our instructor, a graduate of the Music Department at the Chinese University, brings over 20 years of experience in teaching children's music theory. With a deep understanding of the common challenges faced by students, he skillfully addresses their questions and clarifies any learning gaps they may have.

The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of music theory (Levels 1 and 2), pitch, tones, scales, intervals, chords, music vocabulary, notation, instruments, rhythm (Levels 1 and 2), and comprehensive review questions. The classes will be conducted in Cantonese.

>> Book a free trial class from KIDSTHEORY here! 


Free trial violin class

Free Trial Piano & Violin Lessons | Centre Stage | Mon - Sun | 4-18years | North Point

Centre Stage was established in 2010 by Ernesson Chiu. With musical roots, being born into a musical family (with his father also being a music teacher), he infused the traditional ways of music teaching tailoring for the modern Hong Kong student. When Ernesson was teaching privately at music centres and schools, he came across students learning music who only learnt the bare minimum required to pass a music exam. These students had trouble coping with learning new pieces and were not enjoying learning music. ​The name Centre Stage was Ernesson's envision of enabling students to enjoy learning music and sharing it with others by performing it. He also aims to provide professional music education to students and become a top music education centre in Hong Kong.

>> Book a Free Trial Piano Class here.

>> Book a Free Trial Violin Class here.


Free Language Tutoring

Panda English Phonics Workshop

Cambridge and Phonics Classes | Panda English | 5-8 yrs | Online

Help your child experience different English classes including phonics and Cambridge class in the free trial lessons to know more about your child’s needs in English and help them get the course that suits them the best. This course is designed by a Cambridge examiner and our English specialists which will help them build their vocabulary and improve their speaking and listening skills as well as prepare your kids for the Cambridge English Exam. This course will be taught in English.

>> Book Phonics Online Workshop for 4-7 years here

>> Book Phonics Online Workshop for 5-8 years here 

>> Book Cambridge Exam Preparation Course for 3-14 years here


Other Free Kids' Workshops

yk baduk go chess free trial for kids

Free Go Chess Experience | YW Baduk Academy | 4-13 years | Hung Hom and Southern District

Join the YW Baduk Academy’s Go course and learn from their professional teaching team, including Hong Kong champions and representatives of the 2023 Asian Games. Cultivate independent thinking and decision-making skills in children through the game of Go. Each move on the chessboard requires their own decision-making, enhancing problem-solving abilities. 

Their course focuses on guiding children to think critically, judge situations, and make strategic decisions, ultimately improving their competitiveness. Classes are available in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

>> Book Spark Level Trial for 4-5 years here
>> Book Immediate Level Trial for 6-13 years here
>> Book Advanced Level Trial for 7-13 years here