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More parents would like to move their children from the local school stream or from Mainland China into the international school stream in HK. Julianna, from Ampla Education provided valuable insights to ensure a successful transition to the international school stream for you and your child in this webinar.

Many Chinese mainland parents send their children to Hong Kong to seek for supplementary education. Hong Kong as an international educational hub is closed to China. With an international environment and global institutions offering courses in HK. It is the best stepping stone for Chinese mainland parents to seek for educational support.

Many parents in HK would like to prepare their child for the possibility of international study given the strong correlation with prestige, career opportunities and future salary. For you to have a better preparation, we outline here all the key dates for admissions from the top 10 secondary international schools in Hong Kong in order to give our Bizibuz parents an edge!

In this article, we have packed all the information you need in one place to make navigating the local school system in Hong Kong easy. We describe the admissions processes, reference relevant application form links and share all relevant dates to ensure you don’t miss out on enrolling your child!

Your guide to kindergarten and primary school admissions preparation in Hong Kong. Everything you need to know about preparing for school selections, portfolios creation and interview preparations.