Communication skills and leadership skills are crucial to excel in exams and build future success for children. Bizibuz hosted a webinar on building strong communication and leadership skills. Watch it and equip ourselves with the tools to support our child's learning journey.

Our expert panelist, Joanna Hotung, shared valuable insights on how to help your children enhance their presentation skills in this webinar. Discover practical strategies and tips to incorporate improving presentation skills into your daily routine at home.

More parents would like to move their children from the local school stream or from Mainland China into the international school stream in HK. Julianna, from Ampla Education provided valuable insights to ensure a successful transition to the international school stream for you and your child in this webinar.

Getting quality sleep is crucial for toddlers and children. It directly impacts their resiliency, attention span, cognitive abilities and relationships. In this webinar, we have invited Child Sleep Experts to discuss early childhood sleeping issues and share solutions with you.

In this interactive session, Dr. Agnes Leung, Assistant Professor of the Department of Paediatrics from CUHK, walks us through the medical data and discusses the myths and facts regarding COVID-19 vaccines for children.