Bizibuz news

Bizibuz has launched a Free Trial Classes database. Search and sign up for the handpicked free trial classes for kids today! Let your kids explore their true interests and learn new skills. Each month we will update the list of free trial classes. Stay tuned!

Movies are a great way to relax and keep the kids entertained during a long Summer holiday. Some movies can even teach your kids life lessons about grit & determination, respect, and compassion. Read our top movie picks to teach your kids life lessons.

Discover how Bizibuz KnowYourChild tools- online assessments for kids - empower parents to track their child's progress in academics and overall well-being. Stay informed and support your child's educational journey for a successful school year. One month free unlimited access to KnowYourChild assessment tools.

Bizibuz understands that parents would like to look for new and exciting activities for children with flexibility on schedule. Learn how our booking feature allows you to book multi-day classes with ease.

Our inaugural Family Fun Day event brought out over 400 people to the Kids Gallery campus at Kowloon Tong on Sunday 29 May to inspire children to play and learn. Learn more about the event here.

At Bizibuz, we want to help you find and book the perfect after school activity for your child to give them the smartest start in life.