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Looking for fun activities for your child to enjoy in Hong Kong over the Easter holidays? On the Bizibuz platform, you can peruse an outstanding selection of entertaining, instructive, and athletic activities for kids. We've hand-picked a list of the most popular Easter camps from hundreds of our education partners, leaving you free to relax while your children are having a blast at their fantastic vacation sessions.
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Parents, are you having trouble finding the right extracurricular activities for your kids? We understand that choosing a course for your child, without knowing if they will enjoy it, get along with the teacher, or if the school is well-run, can be a challenge. To avoid committing to expensive courses upfront, consider starting with a trial class.

If you want your kids to get out from behind those screens and grow cognitively, socially & emotionally over the CNY break, browse the best CNY kids' camps across HK on Bizibuz. 

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Whenever the Bizibuz team meets parents at school or education events, we always get asked about our recommendations for academic classes. Read on to explore our top picks for your child's secret academic advantage for 2024 with classes located across Singapore. Bizibuz wishes you and your children the best start to 2024!

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It's time to start organizing fun activities for your kids to keep them occupied as the Christmas holidays get near. Here at Bizibuz, we've put together a huge list of Christmas activities in Singapore that are sure to make kids happy this holiday season.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, it's time to plan some exciting activities to keep your kids engaged. At Bizibuz, we've assembled an extensive collection of Christmas activities designed to bring holiday joy to kids.

Are you on the lookout for exciting activities to keep your child engaged during this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday? Bizibuz has a fantastic lineup of fun options just for you! From FREE activities to regular workshops, there is a wide range of choices. Let your child explore everything from parent-child workshops and art activities to volleyball and basketball training.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, sign your child up to these fantastic activities. You can book FREE sessions or save 10% on regular courses using code SKOOL23.

As parents, we understand the significance of providing our children with a strong educational foundation and the best start to the school year. In today's technology-driven world, it is crucial to keep ourselves informed about the tools and resources available to support our children's academic progress and overall success. Additionally, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with their school performance and finding effective ways to assist them in their educational journey.

A childhood Summer should be full of laughter, creativity, new friends and outdoor adventure. In order to make this Summer memorable for your kids, we’ve handpicked the most popular activities to ensure these timeless days are not wasted but full of the best Summer fun. 

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It is almost time for Easter holidays! If you haven’t figured out how you are going to keep your kids entertained, do not fear – Bizibuz has an ENORMOUS range of fun, educational and athletic activities for you to browse. 

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