A letter from the CEO

I’m Cristy and this is the story of why I started Bizibuz.

The Inspiration

My kids are my world. They’re the reason I took a few years out from my finance career before their formal schooling began since I knew what an advantage supplemental activities and parental involvement could make to their early development. But then reality kicked in, they started school and I went back to work. Only to discover what a complete horror show it was to find and manage their after-school activities.

Since then I must have wasted a good year of my life earnestly reading reviews and education center descriptions on websites that earn their money from advertising while posing as an objective data source, and spent an unsettling amount of money trialing courses and teachers. What little spare time I had was spent building spreadsheets of activities to track whereabouts, different payment cycles and methods, and the dreaded reschedules which further exacerbated the admin of endless emails, whatsapps, and records of pending credits and refunds. Was it this hard for everyone I wondered?

And the thing is. Education Matters. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it takes a village to educate a child. The choices that we parents make as to which schools and activities to invite to our child’s village are hugely influential on their cognitive, athletic, social and emotional development, and their ability to exceed their potential in life.

Both my parents were lifelong educators – a primary school teacher and a university professor. We were not wealthy so our after school activities were carefully curated and the gaps were filled by home schooling. And the quality supplemental education I received has made all the difference to create opportunities that lead to a career that spanned 3 continents and bulge bracket financial institutions including most recently Goldman Sachs.

Luckily for other frustrated and exhausted parents, my village also taught me resourcefulness and social responsibility, and so I took my abhorrence for the status quo and my drive to seek out educational advantages for ALL children and created Bizibuz.

Introducing Bizibuz

Bizibuz is more than an all-in-one platform to help parents find and book after school activities. We are a data driven learning platform reshaping the education ecosystem by using machine learning and algorithmic processes to optimize parents’ decisions regarding activity selection. We are the one smart hive for all kids’ activities.

We have worked with top universities including the Education University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University and senior teachers from leading institutions including the Chinese International School and Canadian International School to build Know Your Child™ tools that provide parents with the data foundation they need to elevate the holistic development of their child. We also enable parents to search and compare education centres in order to find the best fit for their child, then allow them to schedule, book, pay and even reschedule those activities through one automated portal. No other education platform supports the parent and child beyond the upfront purchase. We strive to not only do so through the lifecycle of a course but through a child’s entire educational journey.

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Please visit us at https://www.bizibuz.com. You can find our Know Your Child™ tools at https://www.bizibuz.com/primary-knowyourchild