Why should your child learn to sing?

Many parents think it is not necessary to take interest classes or other extracurricular activities if their children study hard enough, with an outstanding academic achievement. But have you ever thought that cultivating children to sustain a good hobby will bring unexpected benefits to them? Especially singing! Singing has the following benefits for the overall development and growth of children:

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Singing is a source of happiness

Children are under too much pressure nowadays, stressed over their academic performance, anxious about competing with others or how to communicate with their peers etc. It is hazardous to their mental health and might also affect their future learning. However, by introducing the world of music to your children, children can express their feelings and relieve their stress through singing, resulting in a relaxed, happier and more confident life.


Singing leads to better brain development

We utilise more than a single brain hemisphere when learning to sing, incorporating both the right and left sides of the brain. Creative people are said to be “right-brained”; they are usually artistic and intuitive. The ones who are more logical, analytical or excel in maths or languages are said to be “left-brained”. The education in Hong Kong over-emphasizes rote learning and obliterates the development of the right brain, which can lead to a lack of creativity and adaptability for children as they grow up. Children who start learning singing from an early age tend to have more all-rounded brain development, which helps to enhance their self-confidence and ability.


Singing can boost immunity and strengthen the lungs

With proper breathing techniques and breath control in singing, it helps increase lung capacity as well as its functions. As a result, lung health training will make you a better, stronger and more resilient singer.


Singing can increase your confidence and self-esteem

Through the process of learning singing and experiencing performance practice, children can develop a higher self-esteem and learn how to overcome negative events through their achievements in singing.

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Singing is a very good channel for emotional catharsis

Children are facing more and more pressure nowadays. They can express their emotions through singing. Children’s emotional intelligence can also be improved by participating in group music games or dance training. Thus, learning vocal skills does all good and no harm to the development of children‘s learning and social abilities.

Parents should give their children a chance to explore how they can use their voice to live a colorful and beautiful life with singing!


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