The Best After-School Activities for Kids in Tsuen Wan

Nestled among its humble origins as a fishing village, Tsuen Wan has undergone a remarkable evolution, transforming into a modern residential and commercial hub. The district's journey began in the 1960s with the development of public housing estates, attracting a substantial population and fostering a strong sense of community. Today, Tsuen Wan thrives as a dynamic locale where the old and the new coexist harmoniously, with traditional markets and temples intermingling with contemporary shopping malls and towering skyscrapers.

Tsuen Wan boasts a wealth of recreational facilities and green spaces, creating an ideal setting for children to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. From sports centers and swimming pools to parks and hiking trails, the district offers a plethora of options for kids to stay active and explore their interests.
Moreover, Tsuen Wan is home to an extensive range of Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) providers, offering diverse after-school activities such as art classes, music lessons, martial arts training, dance workshops, and more. These kids' activities not only foster creativity and skill development but also promote social interaction and personal growth.

Join us as we embark on a captivating exploration of after-school activities for kids in Tsuen Wan. Through this blog, we will delve into the wealth of options available, providing valuable insights and recommendations to help your child uncover their passions and talents within this vibrant community. Let's discover the vibrant world of Tsuen Wan's ECA scene, where your child can flourish and thrive.


Soar Education Basketball Classes in Tsuen Wan

Soar Education Limited | Basketball | 6-12 yrs | Tsuen Wan

Soar Education Limited believes that exercise is vital for children's growth, strengthening bodies and enhancing brain development, concentration, emotional management, and social skills. At Soar Education, they integrate sports psychology to boost motivation and resilience, transforming experiences into valuable traits.

Their basketball program hones individual skills and team strategies, covering passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, positioning, and defense. Through regular internal and friendly games, students gain practical match experience. Classes are held in cantonese.

Classes are held at various basketball courts in Tsuen Wan.

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brainstation steam workshop in Tsuen Wan

Brain Station STEAM Education | STEM | 6-16 yrs | Tsuen Wan 

Discover a cutting-edge approach to STEAM education with Brain Station STEAM Education. They empower your child to cultivate essential skills for the future through hands-on problem-solving, interdisciplinary learning, and the mastery of transferable skills.

Their diverse range of courses includes game building, Python programming, Minecraft coding, AI exploration, and much more. Each course is thoughtfully designed to engage young minds and foster creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. Classes are taught in English.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at 100 Tai Ho Rd 100 Tai Ho Rd, Tsuen Wan

Explore STEAM courses provided by Brain Station STEAM Education for 6-16-year-olds in Tsuen Wan here.


seedskate at tsuen wan

Seedskate | Skateboarding | 6-15 yrs | Tsuen Wan 

Experience the joy of skateboarding! SeedSkate believes that skateboarding is for everyone. Their inclusive approach welcomes individuals of all ages to discover and master the art of skateboarding. Join us and become a part of this vibrant sport and culture that celebrates diversity and self-expression.

At SeedSkate, they are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and cultivating a positive mindset. Through their expert guidance, your children will not only learn skateboarding skills but also develop resilience, boost self-confidence, and embrace the power of self-expression. Classes are taught in English.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district areat  located 5/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan, HK

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phd scientists at tsuen wan

PHD Scientists | STEM | 3-12 yrs | Tsuen Wan

The PhD Education Group, established in 2008, has experienced consistent growth in its teaching staff by leveraging the expertise of professors and education professionals. Under its brands, namely PhD Classroom (PhD Education) and PhD Scientists (PhD Scientists), the founder's team closely monitors and ensures the educational quality of each instructor.

At the heart of their educational approach is the transformation of common household items into engaging STEAM toys, designed to ignite a love for learning and foster curiosity in young minds. Concepts such as friction, printing technology layers, magnetism, static electricity, air resistance and thrust, image retention, primary colors and their components, acids, and alkalis are explored and discussed. Classes are primarily conducted in English, with Cantonese support to cater to a diverse range of learners.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at two addresses:
- Shop B Ground Floor, Joyful Building, 202 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan
- Shop 3076, 3/F, Ocean Pride Mall, 100 Tai Hoi Road, Tsuen Wan

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YSkate at Tsuen Wan

Yskate | Roller-skating | 3-18 yrs | Tsuen Wan

Yskate Roller Skating brings together a diverse community of roller-skating enthusiasts who skate through streets, mountains, stages, and more. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced skater, Yskate offers a range of courses, including fancy lessons, parent-child classes, private sessions, and round dance classes. They collaborate with various roller-skating groups and provide high-quality skates, equipment, and accessories at their physical store. Join Yskate to fulfill your roller skating dreams. Courses are primarily taught in Chinese with English support. Experience the thrill and skill of roller skating with Yskate Roller Skating.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at Tsuen King Circuit, Shop E5-E73 A-1, Block 11-14, Tsuen Wan Centre Phase II, No. 86.

Explore Yskate's courses for 3-18-year-olds in Tsuen Wan here.


Ping Pong Savant Tsuen Wan

Ping Pong Savants | Table Tennis | 3-17 yrs | Tsuen Wan

The Ping Pong Savants is a premier training center dedicated to table tennis enthusiasts. Their spacious 3,000-square-foot facility offers a prime location with convenient access to public transportation. You'll find state-of-the-art tables, pristine restrooms, a comfortable lounge area, and enticing snack and drink vending machines. With a large-screen TV on display, you can immerse yourself in the world of table tennis. Their facilities are designed to ensure an uninterrupted and focused game.

Engaging in sports like table tennis offers more than just physical benefits. It teaches valuable life lessons such as hard work, respect for others, healthy competition, and discipline. At The Ping Pong Savants, they believe in instilling these qualities in children, strengthening both their bodies and their determination to overcome challenges. Classes will be conducted in Cantonese, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at the Mezzanine, Phase 1, Superluck Industrial Centre, 45-53 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan.

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Flystar Education STEM Workshop Tsuen Wan

FLYSTAR Education| STEM | 4-12 yrs | Tsuen Wan

FLYSTAR Education is a leading organization dedicated to providing cutting-edge STEM curriculum to schools. Their primary focus is on delivering high-quality education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Their exceptional team of instructors possesses extensive classroom experience and a strong track record in competitions.

To promote STEM education and introduce emerging technologies to students and the wider community, they organize specialized courses and workshops for higher education institutions, NGOs, and government agencies. Their range of offerings includes science experiments, Scratch programming, Microbit, Lego Education, Python, Roblox, and Minecraft. With such diverse options, parents can choose the most suitable classes to nurture their children's interests and abilities. They conduct courses in both Cantonese and English, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at Tsuen Wan, Mei Wan St, No. 1, Mega Trade Centre, Room 05, 22nd Floor.

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Jungle Paradise Education

Jungle Paradise Education Ltd | Playgroup | 16 mos-3 yrs | Tsuen Wan

The curriculum at Jungle Paradise Education has been carefully crafted by an experienced Play Therapy Practitioner who deeply understands the developmental journey of children. The educators tailor lessons to each student's interests and communicate regularly with their families. They want to make sure that parents share their vision of education so that together, they can achieve the best possible results.

The course is designed to prepare children for kindergarten by employing effective techniques used in kindergarten settings. Through mimicking the methods used in kindergarten, they familiarize children with the daily routines they will encounter. Furthermore, their program fosters cognitive, linguistic, and social growth, equipping children with the necessary skills to thrive in their new educational environment.

Classes serving the Tsuen Wan district are located at 1903, 99 Plaza, No. 99 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan.

Explore Jungle Paradise Education Ltd's courses for 16 months to 3 years in Tsuen Wan here.


With the best after school activities for children in Tsuen Wan, you can rest assured that your child's afternoons will be filled with excitement, learning, and fun experiences. Empower your child with the gift of exploration, creativity, and personal growth by embracing the remarkable after school activities for kids available in Tsuen Wan.