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In today's rapidly evolving world, STEM/STEAM courses have become an essential pathway to tap into a child’s natural curiosity about the universe and to give them the skills needed to innovate, think critically, and problem-solve. Familiarity with robotics, coding, engineering & design, mathematics, and science are essential advantages for success in the 21st century, and can also open a child’s mind to a wide range of fulfilling and impactful careers. 

The Bizibuz platform provides a range of information, resources, and guidance to help parents navigate STEM/STEAM alternatives for their children. For example, better understand the benefits of boosting a child’s STEM abilities and learn about award-winning STEM apps here. And enjoy browsing the top STEM/STEAM kids courses in Singapore below!

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kids coding classesCoding Classes | Smart Science Lab | 7-12 yrs | Goldhill Plaza

Smart Science Lab coding classes use a combination of coding, computational thinking, and robotics to empower students with problem-solving methodology as they learn to apply programming skills to build robots. Students will also have opportunities to participate in exciting robotics competitions that will provide a conducive and motivating environment for students to learn about teamwork while studying technology with friends.

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kids maths classMaths Olympiad Classes | Little Earth Education | 7-12 yrs | Tampines, Hougang & Online

Little Earth Education believes that by conducting Maths Olympiad training, a child’s talent in mathematics can be spotted and cultivated from a young age. After undergoing training, a handful of elite child mathematicians get selected to represent the nation in international competitions. These classes can also help students to effectively tackle and ace their mathematics examinations in school and the PSLE by developing critical thinking, in-depth analysis, and logical reasoning skills. More than just formulae and solutions, this program encourages students to investigate the mental processes required to solve mathematical problems through numerous heuristic and intuitive approaches. 

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kids scientist day campMarine Scientist Day Camp | Young Nautilus | 6-15 yrs | Pasir Ris Road, Changi Seagrass & Changi Sandywalk

Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provides fun and engaging science learning journeys to enrich the MOE syllabus. The Marine Scientists Day Camp visits Singapore coastal areas as a family of “Marine Scientists” to explore the local natural biodiversity and discover the mysteries of wildlife via observation and dissection experiences. Get your child’s water shoes ready, pack their magnifying glasses, and sign them up for Marine Science fun! 

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kids maths classMaths Classes | Smart Science Lab | 7-12 yrs | Goldhill Plaza

Since 2002, Smart Science Lab has been cultivating the mathematical abilities of primary students across Singapore. These maths classes for primary grades 1-6 students are a leading mathematics enrichment program designed to build a robust foundation and light a mathematical spark in a child whatever their initial ability level. The Primary 1 & 2 program is designed to capture a child’s interest in mathematics to help them excel. The Primary 3 & 4 program is designed to consolidate key concepts taught in P1 and P2 while introducing new mathematical concepts with a niche focus on heuristic problem-solving. The Primary 5 & 6 program is focused on heuristic-solving techniques in preparation for the PSLE. The upper primary program is intensive and focuses on examination techniques to help students achieve academic excellence. 

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kids coding classesThe Lab Coding Classes | The Lab Singapore | 5-9 yrs | Tanjong Katong Road & Orchard Road

The Lab coding classes combine the development of programmatical thinking and problem-solving with robots and simulated environments to truly engage children, their senses, and intellectual capabilities. Activities are student-centric to help them become independent learners, leading to greater self-confidence, and honing the ability to face new challenges. These coding classes combine experimentation and imagination to ignite curiosity and creativity. Each student's reasoning and reflection are used to construct their learning so that learning is personal and individually paced. 

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kids architecture classArchitecture Classes | Arkki Singapore | 9-12 yrs | Orchard Road

This fun, creative architecture course for 9-12 year olds, explores design and technology from different viewpoints and teaches the tools and mindsets that will increase a child's creativity, confidence, and problem-solving skills. From learning the basic principles of design thinking and product design to hands-on designing of landscapes, entryway experiences, and ornamental architecture, students will apply design techniques to real-life challenges to cultivate innovative and creative thinking. 

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kids science classScience Classes | Smart Science Lab | 3-12 yrs | Goldhill Plaza

The science programs at Smart Science Lab extend and enrich the M.O.E science syllabus to provide a solid foundation in science principles and critical thinking abilities for children aged 3-12 years. Each child is given individual attention and teaching occurs in a small group setting. Classes for younger students are designed to foster a lifetime love of science by engaging a child’s natural curiosity. Classes for older students aim to build a child’s knowledge base and increase their testing proficiency through strategies for dealing with application, experiment, and free-response questions. 

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kids stem classesSTEM Classes | Curiosity Kids | 5-9 yrs | Online

Curiosity Kids’ award-winning STEM classes are a great way to spark an interest in science & technology through fun experiments. Kids are engrossed by practical and fun-filled science experiment classes that foster the habit of observing and exploring! These STEM classes encourage each child to engage, be curious, ask questions, and get creative in finding the solution to questions. A range of fun and engaging topics will be covered to challenge and inspire inquisitive minds such as magnetism, the solar system, chemical reactions, and forces. Nurture an interest in science and technology in your child!

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kids aviation courseAviation Program | Aerosim | 7-12 yrs | Online 

The Future Leaders Aviation Program offers practical and fun-filled aviation and science-based experiments to foster the skills of observation, evaluation, and exploration in a child. The program extends beyond the physics of flight to cover a wide range of STEM-related knowledge used in aviation. This class is designed to equip students with the skills to apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems, transforming children into critical learners, explorers, and leaders.

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