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As parents, we understand the significance of providing our children with a strong educational foundation and the best start to the school year. In today's technology-driven world, it is crucial to keep ourselves informed about the tools and resources available to support our children's academic progress and overall success. Additionally, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with their school performance and finding effective ways to assist them in their educational journey.

Bizibuz KnowYourChildTM tools, an online assessment for child, provide parents with an easy way to monitor their child’s progress and make sure they’re on track for success. Parents can gauge their child's progress in various areas of life, from academic performance, to language development, personal and social development, technology proficiency and more. With this information at hand they can take steps towards helping them reach their potential faster by understanding their needs and aptitudes, and following a detailed gameplan of supplementary education support!

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Tailored Assessments for Every Age: Discover the 3 Types of KnowYourChildTM for Children Aged 3-18

Pre-Primary Know YourChild Online Assessment

Pre-primary KnowYourChild™ Tools

Designed for children aged 3 to 6 years, the Primary KnowYourChild™ tool's focus is to evaluate a child's progress in oral language development, literacy skills, and cognitive areas, relative to normative age-based standards. After your child has taken the assessment, you will immeidately receive a detailed report containing any milestone development issues that your child may have and tailored suggestions of supplementary support to address these issues. Click here for a sample report of Pre-primary KnowYourChild™ Tools.

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Test of primary knowyourchild online assessment

Primary KnowYourChild™ Tools

Catering to children aged 6 to 12 years, the Primary KnowYourChild™ tools are designed to identify aptitudes and developmental challenges across 9 subject areas, encompassing approximately 32 distinct subdomains or skills. These subject areas include math, science, English (2 streams), Chinese (2 streams), humanities (personal & social development, basic economic and environmental awareness), coding, visual arts, music, and motor skills. Click here for a sample report of Primary KnowYourChild™ Tools.

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Secondary KnowYourChild

Secondary KnowYourChild™ Tools

Tailored for individuals aged 12 to 18 years, this assessment reveals a student's aptitude for different career paths by considering their personality, skills, and interests. The Secondary KnowYourChild™ tool provides a comprehensive roadmap suggesting relevant subjects and top-tier universities to explore, ensuring a successful journey in their matched career paths. Click here for a sample report of Secondary KnowYourChild™ Tools.

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How to access the KnowYourChild™ Tools, the online assessments for children?

Parent and child doing assessment together

To utilize the KnowYourChild™ Tools, the online assessments for children:

1.    Simply navigate to the KnowYourChild™ section on Bizibuz

2.    Choose the suitable online assessment for your child depending on their age and complete the registration process by providing the necessary details. Don't forget to use the promocode SCHOOLPREP to receive free unlimited access to all KnowYourChildTM tools during the month of July.

3.    Click the designated button to commence the assessment whenever your child is prepared.

Remember to change devices if necessary before logging back in to continue with the actual assessment (the pre-primary tool should be done on an iPad, while the primary and secondary tools should be done on laptops/desktops)!

4.    As soon as your child has completed the assessment, you’ll be redirected to a reports area on the Bizibuz platform which contains all your child’s real-time performance records and recommendations. 


Why choose KnowYourChild™ Tools?

Parent and child discuss after online assessment

An online assessment for children developed by experts

Our assessment tools are meticulously designed by a team of esteemed professionals hailing from renowned educational institutions including the Education University of Hong Kong (curriculum, measurement and early years departments), Polytechnic University, and international schools such as Chinese Interntional School and Canadian International School. Leveraging the power of Rasch modeling, a science-based approach, these tests ensure enhanced accuracy and utmost reliability, delivering trustworthy results. These tools have been designed with multi-lingual children in mind and designed to be curriculum agnostic so they can support a child's development whether they are attending local or international schools with varied curriculums.

Benchmark your child

These reports offer invaluable insights into how a child is benchmarked to more than 1,000 other children at their age level and proficiency located in Hong Kong or Singapore. The Primary tool in particular offers the broadest insights across academic and non-academic areas that are crucial to guage cognitive development but are not formally evaluated by schools.

This data helps you better understand where your kids need extra help or guidance so that you can locate appropriate supplementary assistance without having intrusive conversations with teachers or coaches who might not always know the full picture regarding your children’s needs or abilities. You are also likely to discover some hidden talents and aptitudes you didn’t even know your child had!

Track your child's progress over time

With repeated usage of the KnowYourChild™ Tools, you can track your child's performance and growth over time as they undertake supplementary activities, enter a new school or just progress to a higher grade level. Every assessment report is securely saved in your Bizibuz profile, allowing you to monitor their progress over time. By accumulating multiple reports, you gain valuable insights into their overall growth and development, empowering you with a deeper understanding of their journey.

By using the promocode SCHOOLPREP, you can register your child for multiple assessments through the month of July for free, and use the tool to evaluate the effectiveness of any supplementary activities undertaken during this period!

As school application portfolio

Of course, if your child ranks at the top of their cohort you may wish to print out the report and submit it as part of a school application portfolio! You can do this easily by downloading and printing the pdf version of the report. 

In conclusion, Bizibuz’s KnowYourChildTM tools offer an effective and simple solution for parents looking to supercharge their child’s educational development. Finally there is a way for parents to gain valuable insights about their child and receive personalized feedback to help your child reach their full potential!