Hand picked Halloween activities for children in Hong Kong 2023

Are you searching for engaging and spooky activities in Hong Kong to keep your child entertained this Halloween? Once again, Bizibuz offers a wide variety of entertainment choices, including events that are free and regular workshops. Let your youngster explore everything from art to sports courses here in Hong Kong! This Halloween, encourage your child to participate in some fun and spooky activities to keep them from getting bored at home.

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popduction graffiti workshop

Halloween Parent-Child Pop Art Portrait DIY Workshop | Popduction Studio | 4-18 years | Central, HK

Join Popduction Studio to create an amazing DIY portrait of yourself and your family. In this workshop, you will be enjoying a high-quality parent-child experience as well as expressing yourself through graffiti. Popduction’ s spray painting is presented in the form of Pop Art which has bright eye-catching colours and it also incorporates stencil skills, which are easy to use, Artist Kate will guide you step by step to ensure 100% success! Courses are available in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.

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Art workshops from Wing's Music & Art

Halloween Children Visual Arts Class | Wing’s Music & Art Centre | 7-12 years | Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Discover various art courses at Wing’s Music and Art Centre including painting, handicraft, sketching, and anime sketching classes, to cater to students' needs and interests. The teaching methods are tailored to students of different ages and levels. The classes are available in English with Cantonese support if needed. 

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art crafters - unleash picasso during halloween

ArtCrafters - Unleash the "Picasso" in You! | Activekids | 6-12 years | Kennedy Town, HK

Join the ultimate ArtCrafters to help your children express themselves through the means of arts and crafts. Grab this wonderful opportunity and come paint, draw, build the artwork, and create your own art exhibition! This course is available in English.

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Aura Art Russian Dolls Workshop

Spooky Russian Doll Class | Aura Art | 12-18 years | Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Seize the opportunity and join the Russian doll class at Aura Art to show your creativity. Learn how to paint Russian nesting doll in less than 2 hours!! Experienced art tutors will help your children discover creative inspiration and learn solid creative skills. In addition, the artistic atmosphere of our studio will lead your children into an unprecedented artistic realm. Courses are available in Cantonese with English and Mandarin support.

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Fabric art boutique halloween sewing workshop for children

Fabric Design & Creative Sewing Halloween Workshop| Fabric Art Boutique | 8-15 years | Central & Western district

Dive into the world of fabric design and sewing. Children will learn to channel their imagination and creativity as they design and create their own projects. Starting with fundamental hand-sewing skills, they'll lay the foundation for more advanced sewing machine projects in the future. All sessions are conducted in English.

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Inventor's Odyssey for Kids

Inventor's Odyssey: Designing Cool New Inventions | Kidspreneurship | 8-12 years | Online

Ignite innovation and nurture creativity by guiding children through the invention design process. Kids will embark on a journey of imagination, brainstorming, and designing inventions to solve everyday problems or improve daily life. Using basic materials, they'll bring their ideas to life in the form of prototypes. All sessions are conducted in English.

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Kids football camp

Halloween Football Class | HK Lions Recreational Association |6-14 years | To Kwa Wan, HK

Experience the best football classes this Halloween with HK Recreational Association! They provide unique style of football trainings with the combination of both futsal and football to coach the kids ranging from 3 to 14 years old.  They will get to develop their skills both technically and tactically, they will get to train techniques, tactics, football fitness, coordination, and balance. The classes are available in English. 

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HK SKY MartalArts Halloween Camps

Free Chinese Martial Arts Class | HK Sky Martial Arts | 6-18 years | Sham Shui Po & Wan Chai

Explore Chinese Martial Arts class with HK Sky Martial Arts and learn different martial arts techniques. The goal of HK Sky Martial Arts is to encourage students and coaches to keep in mind the spirit of self-improvement. They mainly run the Nunchaku course. Nunchaku has a long history and has developed into an iconic cultural sport of Hong Kong. The youth martial arts class extends from basic skills training to physical fitness, difficult movements, boxing, and even weapon routines to improve body flexibility and muscle endurance. 

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Centre Stage FREE Violin Class for Children

Free Enthusiastic Violin Classes | Centre Stage | 4-18 years | North Point, HK

Discover the Violin classes with one of Hong Kong’s top music school where they have from Beginner to Grade 8, violin lessons taught by Ernesson Chiu. Professional violin tutor LTCL (distinction) with over 15 years of experience. Course range from classical to modern repertoire. Violin courses can tailor to your needs, either more exam orientated or to foster an interest in the violin, Ernesson can help. Centre Stage emphasizes on music performance and gives students opportunities to perform music and share your passion for music to your friends and family. This course will be taught in Cantonese with English assist.

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Dream Sports Volleyball Training

Free Elite Volleyball Experience | Dream Sports Academy | 7-11 years | Lai Chi Kok, HK

Join Dream Sport Academy (DSA) for developmental classes for students of all ages and abilities with well experienced ex and current professional players and certified volleyball coaches. The courses are available in English and Cantonese.

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