Best Summer camps in HK 2023 for toddlers, kids, teens! [Last updated on 12 August, 2023]

A childhood Summer should be full of laughter, creativity, new friends and outdoor adventure. In order to make this Summer memorable for your kids, we’ve handpicked the most popular activities to ensure these timeless days are not wasted but full of the best Summer fun. 

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Cascade train teach english courses summer

Summer English & Life skills courses | Cascade Train Teach Learn | 6-15 years | Wan Chai

Help your child master his/her English writing skills by developing creative writing courses. and build his/her foundational communication skills to build confidence, eliminating worries and stress. Unlock their true potential as they engage in interactive activities, learn effective public speaking techniques, and develop strong leadership qualities. The class would be conducted in English only.


>>Book Summer English Writing Course here

>>Book leadership and communication courses here

>> Book creative writing workshop here


ignite fencing club summer camp

Summer Fencing Course | Ignite Fencing | 3-18 years | Long Ping, Yuen Long

Summer Fencing Course provides high-quality, professional and safe fencing training for children aged 3-18 years in Hong Kong. This course can help your kid learn and practice fencing with experts and thus learning more on the techniques of fencing. The class is taught in Cantonese or Mandarin only.

>>Book Summer Fencing Course for 3-18 years here


HK Dragon Football Summer Camp

Summer Football Camps | HK Dragon | 5-14 years | Stanley, Pui O & Discovery Bay

Discover the best summer football camp for your kids and make this summer interesting and the best for them. Make your kids learn the foundation pillars of youth development which are technical, psychological, physical and social skills, they will also be able to learn how to be committed, creative, self-confident and have a passion for the game. This course will be taught in English.

>> Book Summer Football Camp for 5–14 years here


Summer baseball camp for children

Summer Baseball Camp | Central Baseball Club | 5-16yrs | Sai Ying Pun, Mong Kok & Chai Wan

Summer Baseball Camp provides professional and practical coaching to all the kids who love baseball. This is a regular practice where participants will have a chance to participate in different competitions. The most important thing is that it offers interesting practice content that allows your kids to meet new friends. This course will be conducted in Cantonese.

>> Book Summer Baseball Camp for 5-16 years here


Jolly Phonics Summer Camp for Children

FREE Summer Phonics Online Workshop | Panda English | 5-8 yrs | Online

Unleash your child's reading potential with Jolly Phonics! This systematic program teaches fluent reading, accurate spelling, and confident pronunciation. Taught by NET teachers, the multi-sensory course expands spelling strategies and blends segmenting with alternative spellings. Course in English.

>> Book FREE Summer Phonics Online Workshop now


Carpet Fairy Tale Summer Workshop

Make a Carpet Workshop | Fairy Tale Art Workshop | 9-13 yrs | Sai Kung

Join our 3-class Carpet Workshop for Kids and let their creativity shine! Designing their own carpets, they can bring their favorite cartoon characters to life. With expert guidance, they'll explore a variety of colors and materials. Don't miss this opportunity for an artistic and memorable experience! Classes conducted in Cantonese

>> Book Make a Carpet Workshop for 9-13 yrs now


Gayo Taekwondo Summer Camp

Taekwondo x Dance Summer Camp | Gayo Academy | 6-12yrs | Wan Chai, Yau Tsim Mong

Welcome children of all levels to the small Taekwondo class (4-10 people). Over 8 exciting sessions, they'll experience Taekwondo Dance, Physical Training, and learn the basics. The final class is a special graduation performance, and parents are invited to watch. Students with an 80% attendance rate receive a participation certificate. 

>> Book Taekwondo x Dance Summer Camp for 6-12 yrs now


BTL Roblox summer camp for children

Summer STEM Camp by BTL | Bulleye Technology Limited | 8-18yrs | Cheung Sha Wan

In this course, students explore the exciting world of the Metaverse, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) using CoSpaces. They'll gain basic programming skills and create their virtual reality games. They'll also delve into Roblox game development, learning Lua programming, variables, functions, and loops. The course includes drone education (Tello EDU) to understand flight principles and regulations, as well as an introduction to AI through Cogniflow, where they'll build various AI models without programming. Join us for an immersive journey into the realms of technology and creativity!

>>Book Summer STEM Camp by BTL now


Laliga Football Summer Camp

Summer Spanish Football Camp | LaLiga Football Schools | 3-12yrs |Kai T Cruise Terminal

LaLiga Football Schools Hong Kong offers an exceptional football experience for all enthusiasts. Students gain access to the world-renowned LaLiga training methodology, designed by LaLiga professionals and tailored to suit Hong Kong students. Exceptional talents receive scouting and development opportunities with global and domestic youth teams. Classes are conducted in Cantonese with English support.

>> Book LaLiga Football Summer Camp for 3-12 years here


Flight Badminton Club Summer Camp

Summer Badminton Course | Flight Badminton Club | 5-18yrs | Kowloon City

At Flight Badminton Club, they prioritize small class teaching to provide personalized attention to their students. With regular and systematic training, students not only experience the joy of sports but also develop essential badminton skills. Their courses are conducted in Cantonese with English and Mandarin support, ensuring effective communication. 

>> Book badminton camp for 5-18 years here


Jungle Paradise Education Summer Camp

Primary School Preparation, Storytelling, English Bootcamps | Jungle Paradise Education Ltd | 2-7years | Tsuen Wan

The teachers in Jungle Paradise Education Ltd, with extensive experience in various international kindergartens, are trained to deliver high-quality education to children. They utilize internationally recognized curriculums to meet the needs of both children and parents. The curriculum, designed by a Play Therapy Practitioner, focuses on promoting healthy emotional and mental growth in children. They value the partnership between parents and teachers, ensuring individualized classes and regular communication. 

>> Book summer bootcamps for 2-7 years here


1. Summer Children’s Sports Camps

There are a variety of sports camps available in Hong Kong, including football, basketball, tennis, baseball, swimming, fencing and martial arts. These camps typically include skill-building exercises, drills, and games, as well as opportunities for children to learn about sportsmanship and teamwork.


Brazil international soccer summer camp

Brazil International Soccer School (BISS) | Football | 5-10 yrs | Happy Valley

Experience the energy of Brazilian football as your children learn essential skills like Ginga, Joga Bonito, dribbling, coordination, balance, and shooting. Engage in small-sided games and have loads of fun! The program caters to all age groups, providing unique opportunities to embrace sports, foster lifelong participation, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2013, BISS offers top-level coaching in a safe and enjoyable environment. Discover the joy of football and join this summer football camp for an unforgettable experience! Classes are taught in English.

>> Book Soccer Summer Camp for 5-7 years here
>> Book Soccer Summer Camp for 8-10 years here


Trainmes Sport Swimming Summer Camp

Trainmes Sport | Swimming | 6-12 yrs | Tai Po

This summer swimming camp for beginners will overcome the fear of water, back float, deep water self-rescue, freestyle. Classes are conducted in small groups with a 1-to-4 teacher-student ratio. The coaches will adjust the ratio depending on the age and level of the students, so that students can learn in a safe environment. Courses are taught in Mandarin or Cantonese. 

Enjoy an Early Bird Discount of 13% off until June 16th.

>> Book Summer Swimming Camp for beginners by Trainmes Sport here


Soar Education Basketball Summer Camp

Soar Education | Sports | 4-17 yrs | 9 locations across Kwun Tong, Jordan Valley, Tuen Mun, Tseung Kwan O, Sha Tin, Sham Shui Po & Wong Tai Sin

Soar Education believes that exercise is an indispensable item in the growth stage of children. Exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also help the brain develop by improving concentration, emotional management, social communication, etc. Soar was founded in 2019 focusing on the development of various sports, so that students can choose their favorite sports and practice regularly to achieve physical and mental health. Soar also add sports psychological elements to training to exercise psychological muscles, improve students' motivation to continue training, enhance mental toughness, and transform the experience and learning of sports training and competitions into personal personality traits, so that the benefits and influence of sports can reach further and deeper. Courses are taught in Cantonese with English support (if requested).

>> Book Summer Intermediate Basketball camps for 8-12 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Early Table Tennis camps for 4-6 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Beginner Table Tennis camps for 6-13 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Kids Dodgeball camps for 6-12 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Competitive Dodgeball camps for 11-15 year olds here.


Elite fencing academy kids summer fencing

Elite Academy of Fencing | Fencing | 3-18 yrs | Sai Ying Pun

Elite Academy of Fencing is committed to popularizing fencing and providing professional fencing training, technical certification and equipment. The school regards itself as a "college" and hopes to use the fascinating sport of fencing as a medium for cultivating talents. And through a systematic and scientific teaching method, students' fencing skills will be more comprehensively supported. In addition, the mission of the school is "good swords for all people", which means that in the process of learning fencing, students will not only improve their fencing skills, but also absorb the positive spirit and philosophy of fencing, and fight well. The school hopes that the students will be recognized as "champions" no matter whether they are on or off the fencing field. Courses are taught in Cantonese or English. 

>> Book a Summer Kids Foil Course for 3-6 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Kids Bronze Fencing Certificate Course for 3-6 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Children Foil Course for 6-12 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Children Fencing Certificate Course (Lv. 1) for 6-12 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Youth Epee Course for 12-18 year olds here.


Summer football camps from Arsenal FDHK

Arsenal FDHK | Football | 3-12 yrs | 9 locations across Sai Ying Pun, Happy Valley, Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin, Sha Tin, Quarry Bay & Yuen Long

Arsenal FDHK in partnership with Arsenal UK, offers elite soccer training customized by the British headquarters. Arsenal UK also supervises the quality of the course content, teaching methodology and handpicks the coaches. Coach He Yongqin, the technical director, is directly authorized by British headquarters to monitor and implement the course content to unify the playing style of each player and implement the seven key elements of Arsenal soccer club. The coaching team are all qualified and registered coaches of the Hong Kong Football Association, and the British headquarters provides regular internal training for local coaches to ensure the quality of coaches. . Classes are taught in English or Cantonese. 

Book Summer football camps from Arsenal FDHK
>> for 3-4 year olds here.
>> for 5-6 year olds here.
>> for 7-8 year olds here.
>> for 9-10 year olds here.
>> for 11-12 year olds here.


mindful wing chun in summer

Mindful Wing Chun | Martial Arts | 3-12yrs | Central

Mindful Wing Chun Kids Kung Fu classes are designed to promote discipline, correct posture, coordination, balance, fun, confidence, and self defense. Catering to all kids from 3yrs old to teenagers, Mindful Wing Chun focuses not only on physical movements of Wing Chun, but also nurtures and tends to the emotional and psychological needs of every student too. The mantra before each class is as follows -  I behave respectfully – I communicate with compassion – I am persistent – I have the power to focus my mind – I develop my self-awareness – I act with integrity. Although the school derives from the lineage of the famous Grandmaster Ip Man, Mindful Wing Chun’s training and teaching methods are quite different from those of other schools. The centre teaches in various locations all over Hong Kong including international schools and clubhouses. Courses are taught in English.

<<Book a free trial here!>>

>> Book a Summer Little Dragons camp for 3-6 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Dragons camp for 6-9 year olds here.
>> Book a Summer Mindful Dragons for 9-12 year olds here.


2. Summer Coding and Robotics Camps for Kids

With the increasing importance of technology in our world, coding and robotics camps are a great way for children to develop valuable life skills. These camps typically teach coding languages like Scratch, Python, and Java, and allow children to build and program their own robots.


Coding & Robotics  for kids in summer

Flystar Education | Coding & Robotics  | 4-12yrs  | 4 locations across Kwun Tong, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan & Yuen Long

Flystar Education focuses on the development and teaching of STEM courses, and provides the latest STEM courses to schools and children. The centre’s professional instructor team has rich teaching and competition experience, and is one of the strongest STEM course teaching teams in Hong Kong. The regular STEM courses for children include science experiment courses, Scratch programming, Microbit, Lego Education, Python, Roblox, and Minecraft Wait. Courses are taught in Cantonese and English.

>> Book a Summer Scratch for Junior course for 4-6 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Cospace AR/VR course for 9-12 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Lego Spike Essential course for 4-6 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Lego Spike Prime course for 6-9 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Microbit course for 9-12 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Lego Wedo course for 6-8 yr olds here.
>> Book a Summer Lego EV3 course for 6-9 yr olds here.


931SMD summer camp for children

931 SMD | Coding & Robotics | 5-18yrs | 4 locations across Causeway Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Tuen Mun & Yau Tsim Mong931 

931SMD is committed to promoting creativity and technology teaching in Hong Kong, and aims to provide the highest quality educational services in the area of S.T.E.A.M. to parents, schools, charitable organizations etc. 931SMD uses the most innovative technologies and programming skills to teach children. Classes are taught in English and Cantonese.

>> Book Summer 3D printing camps for 7-13 year olds here.  
>> Book Summer Roblox coding camps for 6-16 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Minecraft coding camps for 5-15 year olds here.
>> Book Summer Junior STEAM Certification Course for 4-6 year olds here.
>> Book Summer A.I. Creator Course for 7-13 year olds here.


Brain station summer camp

Brain Station STEAM | Coding & Robotics | 5-16yrs | 4 locations across Sha Tin, Kornhill, Tseung Kwan O & Tsuen Wan

Brain Station’s approach to STEAM is an innovative way to help your child develop skills for the future. Through hands-on practical problem solving, interdisciplinary learning and the development of transferable skills, your child can imagine a world of boundless opportunities. Classes are taught in English (in Taikoo or TKO branches) or Cantonese (all branches).

>> Book Treasure Hunt + Digital Skills for 8-16 year olds here.
>> Book Artificial Intelligence + Lifehacker for 8-16 year olds here. 


YW Baduk Academy Go Chess summer camp

Summer Go Chess Experience | YW Baduk Academy | 4-13 years | Hung Hom and Southern District

Come and be part of the YW Baduk Academy's Go course, where you can learn from their team of dedicated professionals, including Hong Kong champions and representatives of the upcoming 2023 Asian Games. Through the captivating game of Go, they aim to foster independent thinking and decision-making skills in children. Each move on the chessboard encourages their own unique decision-making process, enhancing their problem-solving abilities.
Their course is designed to guide children in critical thinking, enabling them to assess situations and make strategic decisions that ultimately enhance their competitiveness. They offer classes in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that caters to diverse language preferences. 

FREE TRIAL: Book Spark Level for 4-5 years here
FREE TRIAL: Book Immediate Level for 6-13 years here
FREE TRIAL: Book Advanced Level for 7-13 years here


Innordic model up summer camp

Nordic Summer Camps | InNordics | 3-9 years | Tseung Kwan O

InNordics is the Hong Kong first Nordic Education Hub, providing versatile research-based, innovative, creative Nordic Education programs and learning tools to enlighten students’ new learning experience.

Write Up enhances literacy skills and fosters learning engagement through multimedia methods. Children create their own books, capturing their interests with pictures. Model Up offers playful 3D & AR experiences for kids to learn and create. Feel Up helps kids explore emotions and relationships through digital experiences. STEAM Up KiDe immerses young scientists in a fantasy world, solving real problems as real scientists. Empowering active learning.
All classes are taught in English.

Enjoy an Early Bird Discount of 30% off until June 16th.

>> Book Write Up for 3-9 years here
>> Book Model Up for 3-9 years here
>> Book Feel Up for 3-9 years here
>> Book STEAM Up KiDE for 3-9 years here


Prister Academy STEAM classes

Multi-day STEAM Camp | PRISTER Academy | 5-14 years | Kwun Tong

Join Prister Academy's exciting robotics and coding STEAM camps this summer. Explore Python coding and create amazing animations. Suitable for children aged 5-14. Classes available in English and Cantonese.

Prister Academy is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary innovative educational technologies that cater to the needs of future generations and diverse cultural backgrounds in schools.

>> Book coding and robotics multi-day camps from PRISTER Academy here


Codesmine summer minecraft

Minecraft’s Multi-day Summer Camp | Codesmine | 5-14yrs | Science Park

Experience Minecraft's immersive and imaginative game world. Their course utilizes project-based learning, the Minecraft classroom model, and the Code Editor to foster computational thinking and creativity in students. Join now and unleash their limitless potential!
CodesMine Academy, founded by IT and education experts, is a Social Enterprise committed to delivering top-notch STEM and coding education to school children. 

>> Book Minecraft’s Multi-day Summer Camp here


3.    Summer Kids’ Arts and Crafts Workshops

Hong Kong has a vibrant arts and crafts scene, and there are many workshops available for children to learn new skills like painting, drawing, pottery, videography and more. These workshops provide a great creative outlet for kids and can help develop their artistic abilities.


JWC Vocal Summer Camp

JWC Music| Music | 4-8 yrs | Kwai Ching & Wan Chai 

This summer, let your kids unleash their inner inventor and join a fascinating workshop where they can create their own musical instrument. Alternatively, if they dream of becoming a superstar, they can participate in the Summer Princess and Prince Vocal Course. These engaging courses will be taught in Cantonese with English assistance.​​

At JWC Music, they firmly believe that music education goes beyond teaching students about music theory and skills. It is also about nurturing the whole individual. Instructors and students build a strong bond through music, fostering trust and creating an environment where students can face themselves with confidence. This approach helps students overcome personal challenges and musical obstacles, unlocking their full potential and enhancing their musical talent.

Join JWC Music this summer and let your children embark on a transformative musical journey filled with creativity, self-discovery, and growth.

Book a Princess and Prince Vocal Course and enjoy an Early Bird Discount of 10% off until May 31st

>> Book a STEM Instrument-Making Workshop for 5-8 year olds here
>> Book a Princess and Prince Vocal Course for 4-6 year olds here


Pitter Painter Artworkshops for summer

Pitter Painter | Art Workshops | 3 - 11 Years | 2 Locations in Southern District and Central Western District

Ignite your child's creativity this summer in a nurturing and inspiring environment! Join us at Pitter Painter for engaging painting classes where children can unleash their imagination and enjoy the process of drawing and painting.

Their classes are carefully designed to provide children with a starting point and the freedom to explore their ideas using paint and their creative instincts. With small class sizes, each child will receive personalized attention as they embark on themed projects and learn essential drawing skills, color mixing techniques, and even delve into fascinating aspects of art history. The classes will be conducted in English.

>> Book Primary Painting Workshops (5 Days) for 5-11 years here
>> Book Drawing and Beyond (5 Days) for 4-9 years here
>> Book Paint a Pixel (5 Days) for 6-11 years here
>> Book Kindy Painting Workshops (5 Days) for 3-5 years here


BallroomBee Summer Camp

Multi-day Summer Dancing Camps | BallroomBees Dance
 | 1.5-12 yrs | 16 locations across Hong Kong

Experience the joy of dance with BallroomBees, an innovative dance program designed for children and teens aged 1.5 to 12 years. Through dynamic activities and a specialized dance and music curriculum, BallroomBees brings the art of ballroom dance to life. Join their exciting summer dancing camp for a multi-day adventure. Classes are conducted in English, with additional support available in Cantonese if required.

>> Book dancing camps from BallroomBees Dance for 1.5 – 12 years here


4.    Outdoor Adventures for Children in Summer

Hong Kong has a variety of outdoor adventure activities available, including hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. These activities are a great way for children to explore the natural beauty of Hong Kong and develop a sense of adventure.


Hercules Recreation Club | Kayaking | 8-18yrs | Kei Ling Ha San Wai

Hercules Recreation Club was founded in 2016 and registered in the same year as a non-profit sports organization. The founders are a group of people who are passionate about dragon boat and canoe sports. Canoe kayak is a kind of water activity suitable for all ages. The equipment for canoeing is simple. You only need paddles, life jackets and your participation. With a little guidance, you can experience the fun of rafting on the sea and enjoying nature. Children should be able to swim at least 50m to join the classes. Classes are taught in Cantonese. 

>> Book Summer kayaking classes from Hercules for 8-13 year olds here.
>> Book Summer stand-up paddle board classes from Hercules for 8-13 year olds here.
>> Book Summer stand-up paddle board classes from Hercules for 14-18 year olds here.


Elite Sports Cycling - summer camp for kids

Elite Sports | Cycling | 2-18yrs | 4 locations across Sha Tin, Tseung Kwan O, Tsuen Wan & Tuen Mun

Hong Kong Cycling School was founded by former members of the Hong Kong gold medal singles team. It has its own coaching team with more than 19 years of teaching experience and has taught a total of more than 10,000 students. The goal is to make more people love cycling and gain value from it. The purpose is to cultivate a healthy body & mind, and an athletic will through cycling. Core values are a love and passion for cycling, persistence and perseverance, a healthy and high quality of life. Classes are taught in Cantonese.

>> Book Summer balance bike (training bike) camps for 2-5 year olds that are beginners here and more advanced students here.


rollerblading in summer holiday for children

Kosandra Sports Rollerblading | Rollerblading | 3-12yrs |5 locations across Kennedy Town, Causeway Bay, Lamma Island, Olympic & Whampoa

Kosandra Sports was founded by two sports lovers who are passionate about children development: a sports coach and a mom. Kosandra Sports feels strongly that the process of learning how to do a sport well helps children achieve life goals because it takes endurance, self-discipline, constant hard work, focus, and acceptance of multiple failures to succeed. Classes are taught in English and Cantonese. 

<<Book a trial class here!>> 

>> Book Summer rollerblading classes for 3-12 year olds here (for absolute beginners).
>> Book Summer rollerblading classes for 3-12 year olds here (for kids that can already stay upright on blades).


5.    Summer Language Immersion Programs for Children

Hong Kong is a multilingual city, and there are many language immersion programs available for children to learn new languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. These programs provide a great opportunity for children to develop language skills and cultural awareness. We’ve provided our top picks of offline, online and parent home tutoring options below.


mandarin immersion summer camp for children

Mandarin Immersion | Linguabox | 3-12 yrs | Online

Linguabox is the fastest and most effective way to learn Mandarin online. The training approach was founded by experienced Mandarin teachers to produce results users can be proud of. After years of teaching the Mandarin language to all types of students, Linguabox incorporates the most successful and effective language acquisition techniques into an advantageous, attractive and competitive teaching style. So, whether you are five years old or fifteen, you can become fluent in the language faster and have more confidence when you interact in Mandarin! Linguabox also takes great pride in their handpicked teachers and their unique app-based approach for sharing homework, gathering feedback and providing post lesson support.

<<Book a free trial class here!>>

>> Book a 1:1 Mandarin class (25 mins) here.   >> Book a 1:1 Mandarin class (50 mins) here.


Mandarin teacher - summer immersion camp

Mandarin Immersion | | 2-12 yrs | Parent home’s unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interests in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning. Their handpicked teachers all possess contagious enthusiasm, nurturing personalities and implement innovative methods to motivate students to learn Mandarin and improve reading, writing and speaking skills in an efficient way. 

>> Book a 1:1 Mandarin class (play-based) here.
>> Book a 1:1 Mandarin class (tutoring style) here.


6. Summer Cooking Workshops for Children

Papabubble candy making summer camp

Parent-child Candy Making Workshop | Papabubble | 3-12 years | Causeway Bay

Embark on a sweet journey as you learn the art of candy-making from a master candy artisan. Join this workshop and craft your own PapaBubble's signature rock candy, featuring charming smiley or heart patterns. Suitable for children aged 3-12, this parent-child workshop offers a delightful experience. Choose between English, Cantonese, or Mandarin classes. Don't forget to take home your self-made bag of rock candy as a tasty souvenir!

>> Book Parent-child Lollipop Workshop for 3-12 years now

Overall, there are many great summer camps and activities for kids in Hong Kong, and parents should encourage their children to explore their interests and try new things.