Bizibuz launches to Singapore - thrilled to support Singaporean parents help their kids blossom

Bizibuz is thrilled to announce the launch in Singapore

Bizibuz is a one-stop portal for parents looking to supplement their child’s education. Bizibuz can be thought of as a digital concierge service that helps parents with supplementary activities. We have unique features that assist parents at all stages, including understanding their child’s educational needs, forming a supplementary education roadmap to address these needs, searching for suitable courses, selecting the best quality courses, automating the enrollment and any subsequent reschedulings, and evaluating the impact the activity has on a child’s development.

Bizibuz is a parent’s best support partner to help their child blossom

Bizibuz has the broadest database of trial classes across Hong Kong and Singapore, covering online as well as offline courses. We help you save your time and money, ensuring that the activities you select help your child blossom into the smartest bee. We guide you on how to find a football class near you, on specific days and times, all within a certain budget. We have you covered if you wish to request a class absence and receive a credit with the click of a button. Additionally, we provide a platform for you to download all attendance records in one place for school applications. You can compare pricing across a range of education centers for specific activities, and receive a custom supplementary education roadmap tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses across academic and non-academic areas.
We already have a deep pool of high-quality and diverse kids' activities from a range of education centers in Singapore, including football courses, multi-sports camps, cooking classes, STEM classes, rock climbing classes, and woodworking arts workshops.

Bizibuz is an education platform launched in Hong Kong in 2022, providing parents with a digital concierge service to source, enrol and manage extracurricular activities. We have partnered with over 1,000 education centers, offer 800,000+ courses, and have already served 165,000 users in HK.

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Favorite Education Centre Partners in Singapore

JSSL football training for children in SG

JSSL Singapore | Football Training | 6-18 Years | Tampines, Woodleigh park & Portsdown, Singapore  

The diverse developmental programs offered by JSSL Football Club aim to provide each player with a distinctive footballing experience while also nurturing the individual behind the player. Their vision is to transform youth football in Singapore by being the most professional football club, offering the most comprehensive youth leagues, and hosting Asia's largest youth football tournament.

>> Book Free Football Training Trial Classes for 6-18 years here

>> Book Football Camp for 6-18 years here


multi-sports camp for children in singapore

Kids Play Sports | Multi-sports | 4-11 Years | Bishan, Serangoon, Tanjong Rhu & Queenstown (Singapore)

Join Kids Play Sports in various multi-sport camps for kids, featuring a wide range of sports activities designed to bring fun and joy to your children. Trying different sports at a young age can significantly broaden kids' interests and knowledge in physical activity. Each camp is unique, offering its own set of activities, providing everyone with the opportunity to discover the sport they enjoy. Don't miss out on the chance to find your fun!

>> Book Multi-Sports Camp for ages  4-7 here


The Little Things cooking class for children in SG

The Little Things | Cooking | 2-12 Years | Greendale Avenue, Singapore 

Join The Little Things' cooking class and let your child explore the culinary world. The Little Things believes that cooking, baking, and working with our hands in the kitchen are skills that many of our children lack today, and they are determined to change that. They aim to introduce more children to the kitchen, where they can explore a world of food, ingredients, get their hands dirty, and, of course, savor the fruits of their labor!

>> Book Cooking Classes suitable for toddlers age 2-15 here

>> Book Parent-Child Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes for ages 4-10 here

>> Book Christmas Cooking Bootcamp for ages 4-12 here

>> Book Christmas Holiday Baking for ages 4-12 here


KidStartNow Chinese class for children

KidStartNow | Chinese Enrichment Class | 4-12 Years | Bedok, Singapore

KidStartNow offers preschool programs focused on developing children's interest in Chinese through interactive activities, animated stories, and games. They also focus on building a strong foundation in reading and speaking skills. They combine AI and digital media to make learning Chinese fun and effective. Within the classroom, teachers use gamification to encourage students to engage in lessons. 

>> Book Chinese Enrichment Classes for K2-P5 by KidStartNow here


Rock Climbing for Children in Singapore

A2 Parkour | Rock Climbing | 5-14 Years | Penhas Rd, Singapore

A2 Parkour is Singapore's first Parkour Training Academy, aiming to utilize life skills to inspire every individual to realize their full, untapped potential. Through these classes, kids will learn to break falls, improve their fitness, master their movements, and be instilled with values that foster confidence, leadership, and creative problem-solving skills. Let your child discover the fun and joy of movement as they learn to navigate their environment.

>> Book Rock Climbing Training for ages 5-14 here


Science class for children in SG

Smart Science Lab | STEM | 3-12 Years | Goldhill, Singapore

Smart Science Lab is a premier education provider of high quality educational programmes, namely, Smart Science, Smart Mathematics and Smart Robotics.They cover the syllabus and are well trained to ensure maximum quality for all Smart Science programs. There are enrichment programs that cater to children from as young as 4 years old. Training programs employ unique methodologies to effectively simplify or break down complex concepts and theories into simple, understandable units that children can quickly and easily grasp, assimilate and apply. 

>> Book Maths Courses provided by Smart Science Lab here

>> Book Science Courses provided by Smart Science Lab here


Coding class in Singapore for children

The Lab Singapore | Coding | 5-9 Years | Orchard & Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

The Lab Education Centre provides opportunities to encourage active involvement and meaningful interactions using robots designed to engage and develop the senses and intellectual capability of the student. Activities are student centric to help them become independent learners, leading to greater self-confidence, and the ability to face new challenges. They focus on the student's reasoning and reflection to construct their own learning.

>>Book Coding Course for ages 5-6 here

>>Book Coding Course for ages 7-9 here