Tuen Mun's top kids' activities you can't miss

Located far from the madding crowds in northwest Hong Kong’s New Territories, much of Tuen Mun District’s appeal lies in its bucolic coastal surroundings. Set by the mouth of the Pearl River and surrounded by the mountains of Castle Peak and Tai Lam, the area’s coastline and natural resources led to its early prominence as a fishing and farming town.

The government started transforming Tuen Mun into a first-generation "new town" in the 1960s, with the goal of providing the city's expanding population with adequate housing, business, and civic amenities to foster vibrant, self-sufficient neighborhoods.

In addition, Tuen Mun is a district which provides a wide variety of extracurricular activity (ECA) providers that offer a ton of after-school activities like cycling courses, basketball lessons, STEM Education , coding workshops, and more. Along with fostering creativity and skill development, these kids' activities also encourage social connection and personal development.

Join us as we start a fascinating investigation of the kids' after-school programs available in Tuen Mun. Through this blog, we will explore a wide range of choices to help your child uncover their passions and talents within this thriving community. Let's explore the choices of kids’ activities scene in Tuen Mun now.


kids cycling with Cycling at Tuen Mun

The Cyclink | Cycling | 5-12 yrs | Tuen Mun

Cyclink provides cycling courses to kids which help the kids to learn different contents of cycling including bicycle handling and safety awareness. If your child wants to develop further in cycling, he/ she can also enroll in the advanced classes. Moreover, it also trains children's balance and muscles from a young age, and absorbs knowledge through games. Learn basic balance bike control skills, such as turning, closing your feet, and more. Classes are conducted primarily in Cantonese, with English and Mandarin support available.

Classes are held at Siu Hong Bike Park, Lam Tei, Tuen Mun.

Explore cycling classes provided by The Cyclink for 5-12-year-olds in Tuen Mun here


kids learning swimming at tuen mun

Cadix Swimming Club | Swimming | 6-18 yrs | Tuen Mun

Cadix Swimming Club provides children with swimming classes which are taught in small class. Each class will be realized by professional guidance, hoping to achieve a safe, quality and pleasant learning environment. Additionally, they organize the swimming lessons at various levels in accordance with the students' level. Let your child excel in swimming skills with professional swimming coaches and maximize their potential. Classes are available in both Cantonese and Mandarin for your convenience.

Classes are held at Tuen Mun North West Swimming Pool

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Basketball training camp by kidstar

Kidstar | Basketball | 3-13 yrs | Tuen Mun

The Kidstar regular training class offers more than just basketball skills; it includes essential physical training. Physical fitness is integral to basketball, a sport that demands all-round athleticism. Especially in kids, both mental and physical strength are emphasized. Their center prioritizes physical training, complementing basketball skill development with age-appropriate exercises to accelerate students' progress. This course will be taught in Cantonese with English support.

Classes are held at various basketball courts at Tuen Mun

Explore basketball classes provided by Kidstar for 3-13-year-olds


Early learning program by Tesco at Tuen Mun

Tesco Education Centre | STEM & Early Learning Program  | 6-12 yrs | Tuen Mun

STEM Courses provided by Tesco Education teaching STEAM knowledge including nature, life Life, Science and Our World. Class will be taught in English, Cantonese or Chinese. 

Early Learning Program by Tesco Education Centre teaches students different skills including language, mathmatics, STEAM knowledge and more. It aims to inspire students' creative thinking, imagination and problem solving skills. It will be taught in English.

Their comprehensive and high-quality educational experience encourage students to learn independently and develop their personal learning interests. 

Classes are held at Oceania Heights Shopping Arcade, Tuen Mun

Explore both STEM and early learning programs provided by Tesco Education Centre in Tuen Mun


Yskate practice in Tuen Mun

Yskate | Roller Skating | 3-18 yrs | Tuen Mun

YSkate Roller Skating comprise a diverse group of roller skating enthusiasts. They integrate roller skating into kids' lives, skating through the streets, going up the mountains and down the sea, stepping on the stage and stepping on the field, determined to realize everyone's roller skating dreams. They cooperate with different roller skating groups, organizations and institutions to provide various types of roller skating courses for adults and children, from beginners, beginners to advanced, fancy classes, parent-child classes, private classes and round dance classes, etc. This course will be taught in Chinese with English support.

Classes are held at various skate parks including Tuen Mun Park, We Skate Indoor and Yuet Wu Playground in Tuen Mun

Explore roller skating classes provided by Yskate for 3-18-year-olds in Tuen Mun here


European Fencing Training at Tuen Mun

European fencing club limited | Fencing | 5-18 yrs | Tuen Mun

European fencing courses for children offer a unique opportunity to develop physical and mental skills in an exciting, fast-paced environment. Fencing encourages mental focus, strategy, discipline, and coordination which can help children feel confident and proud of their achievements. They learn the rules, weapons, footwork, and etiquette associated with the sport while developing strength, speed, and agility. By the end of the course, students will have advanced in their fencing knowledge and will be well-prepared to take their skills to the next level. Courses are taught in English

Classes are held at Room 810, My Loft, 9 Hoi Wing Rd, Tuen Mun

Explore fencing classes provided by European Fencing Club for 5-18-year-olds in Tuen Mun here


931SMD STEM Courses At Tuen Mun

931 SMD | STEM Courses | 5-16 yrs | Tuen Mun

931SMD is dedicated to fostering creativity and technology education across Hong Kong. Their mission is to deliver top-tier educational services to primary and secondary schools, institutions, charitable organizations, social enterprises, and ultimately, all Hong Kong residents. Their diverse course offerings encompass Lego Spike, VR/AR Design, Minecraft, Roblox, Python, and beyond. They employ cutting-edge technologies and programming expertise to engage and educate our students effectively. Courses are taught in both English and Cantonese. 

Classes are held at Parklane Square, Tuen Mun

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Super Kids Rope Skipping at Tuen Mun

Super Kids | Rope Skipping | 6-12 yrs | Tuen Mun

Super Kids stands as one of Hong Kong's premier rope skipping training institutions. Beyond its focus on nurturing elite athletes and advancing the sport of rope skipping, it is equally dedicated to fostering holistic child development through this activity. Offering systematic and expert training, Super Kids imparts professional skipping techniques to students, paving their way to success on the global competition stage. Classes are available in both Cantonese and Mandarin for your convenience. 

Classes are held at Tai Hing Sports Centre, Tuen Mun

Explore rope skipping classes provided by Super Kids for 6-12-year-olds in Tuen Mun here


Flight Badminton at Tuen Mun area

Flight Badminton Club  | Badminton | 6-18 yrs | Tuen Mun

Flight Badminton Club opens doors for children to acquire badminton expertise under the guidance of professional coaches. This center provides structured and consistent training that allows students to not only enjoy the thrill of sports but also master badminton skills, cultivating a valuable talent. The club remains committed to small class sizes, ensuring coaches can attend to each student's requirements effectively. Classes are conducted primarily in Cantonese, with English and Mandarin support available.

Classes are held at various badminton courts including Tai Hing Sports Centre / Yan Oi Tong Jockey Club Community & Sports Centre

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