How can you tell if an activity is having a positive impact on your child?

As parents, it can be difficult to determine if your child’s after-school activities are effective or not. After all, you want to make sure that your child is getting the most out of their time and effort. Here are some tips on how you can evaluate whether an activity is helping your child reach their goals: 

1. Set Clear Goals

Before signing up for any after-school activity, make sure that both you and your child have clear expectations about what they hope to get out of it in terms of skills development or knowledge acquisition. This will help ensure that the activity meets those needs and provides a positive experience for everyone involved. 

2. Observe Your Child

Pay attention when they come home from a session. Do they seem energized by what happened during the ASA session? Are there new things being discussed at dinner? Do other family members remark on how much progress has been made since starting this particular program? All these small indicators add up over time so take note!  


Kids learning at education center


3 . Ask Questions

Don't hesitate to ask the education centre questions about the content being taught during each session as well as any assessments used throughout the course such as tests or quizzes which provide insight into student understanding levels. Additionally, talk with instructors regularly in order to discuss changes, successes, and challenges experienced by students within class sessions . 

 4 . Monitor Progress

Keep track of milestones achieved throughout each semester such as grades earned on assignments/tests/quizzes etc, awards won at competitions related directly to specific courses taken outside school hours etc. These markers will provide tangible evidence around progress made due towards involvement in certain programs over others thus allowing parents better gauge effectiveness overall!  

Parents have shared that these education centres are doing an outstanding job of providing feedback after every single class – so don’t be afraid to ask for this same standard of care from others:


Genius Development STEM Courses

Genius Development (STEM courses for 3-18 year olds in 6 locations across HK)

Their course pricing is more expensive than many other education centres but the standard of teaching is also much much higher. The curriculum is tailored to challenge your unique learner and includes fun educational games to keep engagement levels high. The teacher also provides a two page pdf report on how well your child absorbed the content after every lesson. Not only do you have a great understanding of your child’s progress, you also know exactly what is being taught. 

Learn more about Genius Development courses here: Aerospace, Memory, Investment & Financial Management, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.


Linguabox Mandarin Class

Linguabox (Mandarin classes for 3-12 year olds). 

Linguabox provides online 1:1 Mandarin tutoring and matches the teacher to the student, depending on which school curriculum is being taught. The teachers all have extensive experience across the range of curriculums available in international and local schools in Hong Kong. Parents rave about the consistent homework support provided through regular sessions with a dedicated Linguabox tutor. The tutor also sets homework and provides feedback after every online session through the Classin app for both parents and children to access. The Classin app also allows parents to chat anytime with the tutor and share homework assignments in real time.

Learn more about Linguabox tutoring here: 25 minute tutoring sessions, 50 minute tutoring sessions (multiple sessions per week are recommended).


KnowYourChild tools to understand the performance

Parents can also turn to trusted third party feedback on how their child is progressing.

Over 1,000 parents across Hong Kong regularly use the Bizibuz KnowYourChildTM tools to monitor a child’s progress across Maths, Science, English (2 streams), Chinese (2 streams), Coding, Personal & Social Development, Visual arts, and Music by conducting benchmarking and using trend analysis to track performance over time. 
Learn more about how KnowYourChildTM tools can help your child boost their educational development.

By taking these steps into consideration before enrolling children into an after-school program, parents can rest assured knowing their kids are receiving quality instruction from qualified professionals while also having fun along way!