2023 Handpicked Chinese New Year Activities Camps For Kids

We don’t have much time to prepare for CNY this year! If you haven’t figured out how you are going to keep your kids entertained, do not fear – Bizibuz has an ENORMOUS range of Chinese New Year kids camps for you to browse. 

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We’ve also compiled a long list of the most popular CNY camps from hundreds of our education partners. 


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Chinese New Year Archery Youth Class

CNY Archery Youth Class | White Fletch Studio | Sat/Sun | 10-17 years | San Po Kong

This course mainly allows students to experience the archery skills, archery philosophy and basic essentials of traditional Chinese bows, pulling the bow and setting the arrow, etc. Through the skills and postures learned, increases the students' interest and experience in traditional bow archery. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY archery youth classes from White Fletch Studio here.


Lunar New Year Children Fencing Course

Chinese New Year Fencing Class | Ignite Fencing Club | Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri | 7-12 years | Yuen Long

Ignite Fencing is one of the largest fencing schools for children in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Managed by ex-Hong Kong team fencing members and professional fencing coaches, it provides high-quality, professional and safe fencing training for children in Hong Kong. 

>> Book Chinese New Year fencing classes from Ignite Fencing Club here.



CNY Suzuki Taster Program | Seed Music Academy | Tue/Thu/Sat | 3-5 years | Wan Cha

If your child is just starting out on their musical journey, then this CNY taster program is perfect for them! Come and have them explore different instruments (piano, violin, cello, vocal) before deciding which one to go for! They will also experience a range of different musical styles, develop their ear and deepen their appreciation for music. The program is taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book the CNY Suzuki taster program from Seed Music Academy here.


Flight Badminton Club Lunar New Year Camp

CNY Badminton Group Class

Flight Badminton Club | Sat | 12-16 years | Sha Tin

Flight Badminton Club believes in small class teaching to ensure that the coaches can take care of the needs of the students. Through regular and systematic training, students can not only experience the fun of sports, but also learn the skills of badminton. In this CNY group class, teenagers can learn the basics through to being challenged at more advanced levels.  Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY badminton classes from Flight Badminton Club here.


CNY Basketball Group Class

BlueMap | Mon/Fri | 4-6 years | Sai Wan Ho

The objective of this CNY basketball class is to improve basketball skills, physical fitness, teach the concept of competition, and have loads of fun! Try basketball to discover your sports passion over CNY. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY basketball classes from BlueMap here.


CNY Fencing for Beginners

Union Fencing Club | Wed/Fri/Sun | 6-11 years | Quarry Bay

This CNY fencing course is designed for those who do not any fencing experience. Union Fencing Club welcomes newcomers to the sport. The CNY class will cover foundational knowledge, including physical and technical skills for fencing. Students will learn basic fencing skills like engarde, advance, retreat, and lunge. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY fencing classes for beginners from Union Fencing Club here.


Chinese New Year Phonics Camps 

Eggie Education | Tue/Thu/Fri | 3-7 years | Kowloon

Custom made letterland stories to allow students to have an in-depth understanding of all letter sounds. We introduce CVC pattern (consonant, vowel, consonant) word blending skills and use interactive and play-based activities to support learning. Eggie is a learning centre for children ages 2 and above. All classes are taught by our Native English Teachers who emphasize learning through play. Our teachers and all passionate, experienced and certified phonics experts.

>> Book the Chinese New Year Phonics Camps from Eggie Education here.


k-pop modern dance chinese new year class for kids

CNY Modern dance classes 

IMD | Mon-Sun | 4-12 years | Sha Tin

In Motion Dance Concept (IMD) courses specialize in modern dance for children and include classes in K pop, Jazz funk, Hip hop and Popping. 

IMD has operated since 2015, and has built up a strong reputation in dance competitions, performances and teaching methodology. The school founder and principal Miss Zip majored in Early Childhood Education and has more than 12 years of experience in professional children's dance teaching. Likewise, the teaching staff have many years of experience and are themselves professional dancers. 

IMD also provides a variety of services for kindergartens, primary schools, and educational institutions in HK including after school activities, large-scale dance performances, competitions, dance photography and other activities. Register now for various dance courses. There are courses for beginners and also for experienced young dancers!

>> Book CNY modern dance classes from IMD here.


CNY Baby Federer Class

NextGen Tennis | Tue/Thu/Fri | 3-4 years | North Point

The Baby Federer class is a fun, educational mini-tennis coaching program designed for children between the ages of 3-5 years old. The class is designed primarily for children with Early Elite Mini Tennis Development and Childhood Physical Development. We uphold an enjoyable way to play tennis as to allow young or inexperienced players to learn the skills and tactics of tennis and whole-person development. The class will be conducted in Cantonese. 

NextGen provides an indoor space where the potential of all kinds could be realised, our academy focus on Early Elite Mini Tennis Development and Childhood Physical Development, which aims to promote more of Hong Kong's juniors into the leading national-level and unleashing students’ potential into all-rounded players, athletes and people. NextGen also applies machine learning to tennis coaching, by utilising diverse ability tests to speed up the tennis development progress and to promote better communication between coaches and players. Our Management Team includes Kevin Wong, Patrick Yung, Hugo Wong and Sky Wong, who have participated in numerous overseas international tennis competitions & joined various professional overseas tennis academies such as Thailand, Taiwan, Britain, China. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY baby Federer classes from NextGenTennis here.


Chinese New Year Junior Kayak Class

Chinese New Year Junior Kayak Class | Hercules Recreation Club | Sat/Sun | 8-18 years | Sai Kung

The purpose of the Junior Kayak Program is to introduce the basic knowledge of kayaking to young people aged 8 to 13. Eligibility: 1. Aged 8-13 2. Able to swim about 50 meters without the aid of a life jacket/floating aid. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book Chinese New Year junior kayaking classes from Hercules Recreation Club here.


CNY English creative writing camp

See Write Education | Mon-Fri | 10-11 years | Happy Valley

This CNY creative writing camp focuses on expanding writing abilities. Through targeted writing activities, students will be required to use more advanced and descriptive wording in their work. Challenging exercises and open-ended questions will motivate students to express their opinions and ideas about various topics. They will be required to research and validate facts from various sources such as reference books and the Internet. The students will be introduced to different forms of writing such as plays, songs, poetry and comic strips. There will also be mindfulness exercises that will aid in their reflective, analytical and creative thinking processes. All these exercises are designed to be fun and engaging to the students.

The ultimate goal of the program is to inspire students to always aim for the best in all their writing endeavors so they become independent and confident writers. At the end of this course, students will write their own short stories which will be published by SeeWrite and showcased at the learning centre. Our classes are taught in English only.

>> Book CNY creative writing camps from See Write Education here.


innovative sports

CNY Table Tennis Camps

Innovation Sport | Mon-Sun | 4-10 years | Lai Chi Kok

Innovation Sport has been established for many years, holds table tennis training classes in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands, and employs many experienced coaches. 

This CNY table tennis camp is a great opportunity for beginners to develop table tennis skills and more advanced players improve their competitive form. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book Chinese New Year Table Tennis Camps from Innovation Sport here


Lunar New Year Early Learning Program 

Tesco Education | Mon-Sun | 3-6 years | Tuen Mun

The CNY early learning program teaches students various skills such as English through stories language, mathematics, STEAM knowledge, etc., to inspire students' creative thinking thinking), imagination and problem solving (problem-solving skills). 

The Early Learning Program is specially designed to equip a child with more than 50 skills essential for life. It helps your child develop imagination, visual perception, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and more. This program will broaden the child’s perspective and create joyful learning moments for you and your child to share together. The class is taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book the Lunar New Year early learning program from Tesco Education here.


Learn worldly football CNY class

CNY Kids Football Classes

Learn Worldly Football Academy | Sat | 3-5 years | Sai Ying Pun

Sports and education can complement each other. Learn Worldly football involves more than improving a child’s fitness and gross motor skills, it is about developing team skills and resiliency. "Our pursuit is not about winning the title, but the benchmark in life". Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book the CNY Kids Football Classes from Learn Worldly here.


CNY Basketball Training Class 

Kidstar | Sun | 5-13 years | Yuen Long

Physical fitness is closely related to playing basketball! Basketball is a sport that emphasizes the athletic ability of the whole body, especially when we play, we emphasize mentality and physical fitness. The Kidstar CNY camps will focus on developing basketball skills and also physical training suitable for different ages to help students improve faster. In terms of the coaching team, we have local and American coaches to expose children to diverse training (which may involve bilingual classes in both Chinese and English). 

>> Book the CNY Kidstar basketball camps here


CNY Karate Camps

3Plus | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun | 4-11 years | Aberdeen/Kwun Tong

This CNY karate camp for 4-11 year olds offers the following content: basic etiquette, offensive and defensive movements, horse stance movement, and boxing exercises. 3Plus has offered ito-ryu karate courses since 2011 as a member dojo of Itoliu Karate in Hong Kong. 3Plus is committed to promoting the development of karate in Hong Kong, committed to developing personal character through karate, and offers karate classes for toddlers, children, and teenagers from beginner to athlete level. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese. 

>> Book CNY Karate camps from 3Plus here.


Kid's activity from Fabric Art Boutique

CNY Fabric Design & Beginner Sewing

Fabric Art Boutique | Sat | 8-15 years | Central

Fabric design and Sewing activities encourage children to make imaginative and expressive use of materials for designing and inventing and to model their own designs. At this stage, their hand sewing skills are strengthened starting from the basics. This will help them prepare for doing projects on the sewing machine at a later stage. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY fabric design and beginner sewing classes from Fabric Art Boutique here.


CNY Beginner Swimming Classes

Trainmes Sport | Mon/Sat | 6-15 years | Tai Po/Yuen Long

CNY beginner swimming classes from Trainmes Sport teach children to overcome the fear of water, back float, conduct deep water self-rescue, learn freestyle. Classes are conducted in small groups with a teacher-student ratio of no more than 1:5. The coach will also adjust the teacher-student ratio according to the age and level of the students in the class, so as to make learning in a safe environment. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY beginner swimming classes from Trainmes Sport here.


Kid's activity by Muses Education

CNY Architecture Explorer Camp

Muses Education | Sun | 4-6 years | Tsuen Wan/Yau Tsim Mong/Wan Chai

School of Architecture for Children - Explorer Course based on architecture and early childhood education, guide children to observe and explore things around them, and inspire creative thinking. The course focuses on children's growth training and thinking development. The content is based on the principle of promoting children's comprehensive and balanced development, covering three developmental goals of "cognitive development", "affective development" and "aesthetic development". Module A covers geometry & shapes, artistic expression, colour & tone, and sense of space. Module B covers material & texture, the natural environment, spatial design and three dimensional form. Module C covers scale, cities, visual art and arithmetic operation. Module D covers human scale, use & form, natural elements and climate. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY architecture explorer camps from Muses Education here.


CNY English Enrichment Camp| Education Ladder

Mon-Sat | 4-7 years | Quarry Bay

This CNY English enrichment camp is designed to help a child prepare for primary school. In terms of writing, it teaches proper English sentence organization, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. For reading, it improves comprehension through encouraging responses to chapter topics. Oral & communication skills are also strengthened through speaking and listening activities tailored to the child’s interests. Finally the class will teach students more vocabulary and proper pronunciation (Accent). 

>> Book the CNY English enrichment camp from Education Ladder here.


Taekwondo class by Wui Shui Center HK

CNY Taekwondo Class

Wui Shui | Tue/Thu/Sat | 9-14 years | Kwun Tong

This CNY taekwondo class offers a number of advantages: 1) the class is divided into groups by age to avoid embarrassment 2) there is small class teaching with only 2-6 students in a class 3) there are multiple classes per week 4) downstairs from Exit B of Kwun Tong MTR Station (super close) 5) Thickened floor mats are laid on the site (safety) 6) Field training facilities are available. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY taekwondo classes from Wui Shui here.


CNY Golf 101

Hi Tee Golf | Mon/Wed/Sat | 5-12 years | San Po Kong

Hi Tee Golf holds beginner golf classes at a simulated driving range in San Po King. These CNY golf classes cover an introduction to golf: etiquette, safey, grip, set-up and posture, hand action, chipping and the baby swing etc. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY beginner golf classes from Hi Tee Golf here.


Bicycle Beginner Class from Elite Sports

CNY Bicycle Beginner Class

Elite Sports Development | Sat/Sun | 4-18 years | Tuen Mun/Sai Kung/Sha Tin

The Bicycle Beginner Class is specially designed for students who do not understand two-wheeled bicycles. In the four classes, they will start to split learning from balance, and follow the instructor's guidance to learn how to ride a bicycle step by step. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY bicycle beginner classes from Elite Sports Development here.


CNY Thinking Skills & Problem Solving Workshop

Growing Skills | Mon-Thu| 3-10 years | Central

Thinking Skills are cognitive processes that we use to solve problems, make different decisions, asking questions, making plans, organising and creating information. Before starting these program, we will discuss with the parents in order to understand which difficulties we should work on and improve. Classes are taught in English only.

>> Book CNY thinking skills classes from Growing Skills here.


CNY Minecraft Camp

CodesMine Academy | Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun | 5-16 years | Wan Chai/Yau Tsim Mong/Tuen Mun/Sai Kung

This course guides students to carry out projects from the game through the application of the Minecraft Education classroom model, and uses the Code Editor of Minecraft to cultivate students' computational thinking and creative programming. The course is taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY minecraft camps from CodesMine Academy here.


Oil Painting from Kids Gallery

CNY Oil Painting

Kids Gallery| Fri | 8-12 years | Causeway Bay

The Kids’ Gallery oil painting camp takes a child on an exploration of oil painting. Oil paint is a sophisticated and advanced medium with special characteristics that allows fine detail, flexibility, and layers of colour. Practise using various painting tools and learn about different themes and subject matter related to oil paintings. The class is taught in English.

>> Book CNY oil painting camps from Kids’ Gallery here.


CNY Chinese Martial Arts Class

HK Sky Martial Arts Academy | Sat/Sun | 6-18 years | Wan Chai/Sham Shui Po

The CNY Chinese martial arts class teaches wushu, based on the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts. The children learn routines that include swords, guns, swords and sticks, which are common in Chinese Kung Fu, as well as Changquan, Nanquan and Taijiquan. The youth martial arts class extends from basic skills training to physical fitness, difficult movements, boxing, and even weapon routines to improve body flexibility and muscle endurance. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY Chinese martial art classes from HK Sky Martial Arts Academy here.


CNY Zumba Dance & Fitness

TeamX | Sun | 4-6 years | Taikoo

The course instructor Amadeus is a certified Zumba Kids instructor, a certified Youth Training Specialist (American Council on Exercise) and a certified instructor to Children & Adolescents (Australia OnFit Training College). The class begins with a fitness regime to increase muscle strength and endurance, then finishes with a Zumba Kids dance party to build a child's co-ordination, creativity and confidence. Class location is a 3 minute walk from Taikoo MTR Station Exit A1. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY Zumba classes from TeamX here.


Sculpture class from Chy Studio

CNY Kids Sculpture Camps

Chy Studio | Mon-Sun | 6-15 years | Kwun Tong

The Children's Sculpture Course is designed for children aged 6 or above, teaching sculpture knowledge from scratch and beginning to explore the world of three-dimensional art. Learning sculpture can cultivate children's patience and imagination, and train finger movements and the imagination of space. Children's sculptures are mainly made of Q-version and daily small objects models. The process is very interesting and has a great sense of success. One work will be completed every 4 sessions. The class is taught in English or Cantonese.

Course content : - Introduction of different clay properties and tools - Basic styling skills - Skeleton building - Model scale and structure - Observation and perspective of three-dimensional space - The difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional creations. The class is taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY sculpture camps from Chy Studio here.


CNY Future Leaders Aviation Program

Aerosim | Sat/Sun | 7-12 years | Online course

Future Leaders Aviation Program (FLAP) offer practical and fun-filled aviation and science based experiments to foster the habit of evaluating and exploring. Children need to be encouraged to think critically and innovatively and have the confidence to explore. The program is designed to equip students with the skills to apply classroom knowledge to realworld problems and prepare them to succeed in a global economy. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese. 

Aerosim (HK) Limited is an Aviation-Tech company in Hong kong that specialize in providing End-to-End Aviation - Education solutions. 

We are committed to motivating students to reach their full potential, encouraging them to be critical learners and instilling positive values in them. Learning Aviation is not solely about learning flying, but it covers a wide range of STEM-related knowledge. Learning Aviation also helps the students to be more competent in different areas. As one of the forerunners in the industry, we are a STEM partner with the Hong Kong Productivity Council and a company that is recommended by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

>> Book CNY future leaders aviation camps from Aerosim here.


Beginner Golf Class for Kids

CNY Beginner Golf (1:1)

7IronHK | Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun | 8-12 years | Quarry Bay

7 Iron offers certified coaching courses in Hong Kong’s newest indoor golf driving range. Coaches are all PGA-certified and very experienced golfing instructors. In the beginner certified coaching classes, the course content covers swing basics, grip, setting up, how to swing, how to putt, how to chip, terminology including golf rules, player etiquette and what to wear. Course price includes an extra hour of free practice time. Classes are taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY beginner golf camps from 7IronHK here.


CNY Magic Cube Algorithm Class

931SMD | Sat/Sun/Mon/Wed | 6-12 years | Wan Chai/Tuen Mun/Sai Kung

This CNY magic cube camp teaches the Magic Cube algorithm, introduces elementary concepts of advanced programming and also artificial intelligence. Restoring the Magic Cube can improve kids’ logical thinking, problem-solving ability, sense of space, and sense of direction. The class is taught in English or Cantonese.

>> Book CNY magic cube camps from 931SMD here.


Tennis for Preschoolers

CNY Preschoolers Class (Beg & Int)

Penguin Tennis | Mon/Thu/Sat/Sun | 3-6 years | Jordan

In Penguin tennis classes, they aim to help each individual to reach their full potential from our personalized learning environment on court as well develop players as a whole-person through tennis education. This CNY preschoolers class caters for either beginner or intermediate 3-6 year old players. One coach per 4 students. 

>> Book CNY Preschooler tennis classes from Penguin Tennis here.


CNY Introduction to Classical Music

Niche Music| Tue-Sat | 5-18 years | San Po Kong

Is Classical Music boring? Martha Mier is a Neo-Classical music composer. Her music is fresh, warm, lyrical and with rich harmonies. In this course we introduce her works through her piano books in the "Impressions" series which still retain a classical taste but can inspire a classical appreciation through its refreshing approach. Classes are taught in Cantonese or English. 

>> Book the CNY introduction to classical music camp from Niche Music here.


CNY Messy Play Camps

Cool Moon Art Studio | Mon-Sat (excl Thu) | 2-4 years | Wong Tai Sin

During the early years, the control of body muscle movement develops rapidly. Art materials provide children with body movement experiences such as connecting, twisting, rolling, printing, pressing, and brushing, among which drawing is their foundation. In conjunction with the popular Messy Play toddler games in recent years, children can freely choose natural materials to create and play. This stimulates the development of multiple senses, and also encourages independent exploration and creativity. Cool Moon Studio focuses on cultivating children's imagination and creativity, stimulating and protecting their ability to freely and actively present their own lives. Classes are taught in Cantonese or Mandarin.

>> Book CNY messy play camps from Cool Moon Art Studio here.