Most Popular Academic Kids Courses SG 2024

Whenever the Bizibuz team meets parents at school or education events, we always get asked about our recommendations for academic classes. Read on to explore our top picks for your child's secret academic advantage for 2024 with classes located across Singapore. Bizibuz wishes you and your children the best start to 2024!

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Classes That Put Your Child Ahead

KidsLearningPhonics3-8 yrs | Online

Early to Advanced Phonics

Panda English is a government award-winning education centre that provides free trials and regular courses where your child can learn to excel in English reading and speaking skills. Allow your child to build confidence in English by learning from Panda tutors with a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience.

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Primary Maths Tutoring

6-12 yrs | Goldhill Plaza
Smart Maths Primary Tutoring

This program cultivates a range of Math techniques and problem-solving skills in students to build up their confidence in tackling challenging questions. The class also incorporates fun and interesting Math activities to enhance learning by stimulating critical thinking skills.

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Cognitive STEM Development

5-9 yrs | The Centrepoint & Kinex Mall
Cognitive STEM Development

This program imparts knowledge about technology and programming in a fun and digestible way. There is a focus on learning engineering process and thinking with a sprinkle of MOE Maths through play with engaging interactive activities.

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Native English Expert Classes6-12 yrs | Online

Native English Expert Classes

This course provides students with a learning environment that enables them to better prepare for overseas studies through innovative teaching models. Personalized learning materials are prepared according to students' abilities by Native English tutors.

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Smart Science Primary Tutoring6-12 yrs | Goldhill Plaza
Smart Science Primary Tutoring

These courses are built on the M.O.E syllabus, designed to provide students with a strong foundation in important Science concepts and key process skills. The programs also aim to nurture students to have a lifelong passion for Science while developing critical thinking and exam preparation skills.

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Chinese Enrichment Class4-12 yrs | Bedok
Chinese Enrichment Classes

Treat your children to AI and digital media that makes learning Chinese fun and effective. Within the classroom, teachers use gamification to encourage students to engage in Chinese, and flag students’ knowledge gaps in an AI system. At home, students improve on weak areas and build vocabulary excellence by answering Chinese questions through digital games. Your child then redeems rewards based on how often he or she revises at home.

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ChildNatureWalk5-12 yrs | Changi, Punggol, Pasir Ris & Neo Tiew Cres

Small Group Nature Walk

Do your kids love nature and unravelling the mysteries behind the survival secrets of wildlife? Have them grab a pen, their explorer gear and get ready as 7 Singapore habitats await them. Learn from our passionate educators in a small group setting!

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English Tutoring Online6-16 yrs | Online

English Tutoring Kids + Teens

These language classes prepare students for CEFR CEFR-level certification but are tailored to engage kids and teens. These online classes are conducted live with the teacher present just like face-to-face classrooms ensuring the same inter-activeness and liveliness of a classroom.

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Mandarin Homework Support3-12 yrs | Online
Mandarin Homework Support

This course is delivered by experienced Native Chinese-speaking teachers who are also fluent in English. Materials are tailored to students' homework support and learning needs. Additional exercises may be assigned to ensure a child's rapid skill development in listening, speaking, reading or writing depending on parents' preference.

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